Acts 1:14 – All these were continually devoting themselves with one mind to prayer, along with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.

There are critical elements that come into play when you are dealing with a true move of the Spirit of God. Amazingly, unity was one of those recurrent themes. If you remember unity was not the way you would describe the last few days of the ministry of Jesus. There had been arguments between Mary of Bethany and Judas, there was denial by Peter, and the ultimate betrayal by one in the inner circle; Judas Iscariot. It’s hard to understand how turmoil so quickly turned into harmony and unified prayer. Maybe there is hope for the church today.
The Moravians were a group of Christians that had been persecuted in Germany and ultimately became ground zero of one of the greatest moves of God in history. They started out as a movement of Christians who had been from different Protestant movements characterized by debates and arguing. Their debating turned to praying that spilled over into a full blown awakening; the prayer meeting lasted a hundred years. Here is a quote from Jason Hubbard’s book called the Moravian Miracle.

“The words of the Moravian poet James Montgomery sum up this season of revival well:

They walked with God in peace and love But failed with one another. While sternly for the faith they strove, Brother fell out with brother; But He in whom they put their trust, Who knew their frames that they were dust, Pitied and healed their weakness. He found them in His house of prayer, With one accord assembled; And so revealed His presence there, They wept for joy and trembled; One cup they drank, one bread they brake, One baptism shared, one language spake, Forgiving and forgiven. Then forth they went, with tongues of flame, In one blest theme, delighting, The love of Jesus and His name, God’s children all uniting.”

Maybe the chaos and discord of our present generation could also become the launching pad of a world wide revival. Apparently it is not perfect doctrine and perfect people that God will use, maybe it is more desperation that is the breeding ground for God’s outpouring.
There has been a stirring among God’s people in recent days, maybe you feel that stirring inside of you. Maybe its time for desperation to explode into an outpouring that will change all of our lives.

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