Jn.1:16 – For of His fullness we have all received…

I sometimes read something in the Bible so often that I can lose the sense of wonder and awe that the passage describes. This short verse can easily be passed over but a further look at what it contains can literally take your breath away. John is describing something that cannot possibly be described and is impossible to comprehend. Creation portrays the infinite nature of our God, the immensity and intricacy of His creation cannot begin to be fathomed. How can we comprehend Him or pretend to have already received all of His fullness? That would be impossible. Our whole life here is about taking in His fullness, eternity will be exactly that, our exploration of the greatness of God and feasting on His fullness. Here is how Barclay describes this word.

“The word that John uses for fullness is a great word; it is plērōma, and it means the sum total of all that is in God. It is a word which Paul uses often. In Colossians 1:19, he says that all plērōma dwelt in Christ. In Colossians 2:9, he says that in Christ there dwelt the plērōma of deity in a bodily form. He meant that in Jesus there dwelt the totality of the wisdom, the power and the love of God. Just because of that, Jesus is inexhaustible. We can go to Jesus with any need and find that need supplied. We can go to Jesus with any ideal and find that ideal realized. In Jesus, the person who is in love with beauty will find the supreme beauty. In Jesus, the person to whom life is the search for knowledge will find the supreme revelation. In Jesus, the person who needs courage will find the pattern and the secret of being brave. In Jesus, the person who feels unable to cope with life will find the Master of life and the power to live.”

So John was functioning as God’s mouthpiece to entice us to come in closer. John had tasted the goodness of God’s grace and became aware that as much as he had received he was only tasting the edge. That’s why he said “of His fullness”, he knew fullness was describing the infinite goodness of our God. So 10,000 years from now (I know there aren’t years in eternity) after we have drunk His fullness again and again, there will still be an infinite abundance of God before us. His fullness is not depleted an ounce from the millions who are feasting on His goodness on earth and also in heaven.

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