Heb.3:12 – Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God.

This scripture opens us up to a true understanding of faith. Faith is the supernatural, God given ability to perceive the things of God as real. Faith is the result of the work of the Spirit to enable us to finally see, hear, and feel God all around us. This is why the reformers called it an awakening. We were once asleep and unaware of God and His kingdom until faith came and suddenly He was everywhere. That is why unbelief is evil, it is denying the greatness and goodness of God that is all around us. Unbelief can’t worship it can only make some kind of musical sound with no substance. worship comes from an awakened soul that is consumed with the glory of God. Here is Andrew Murray on this verse.

“The heart is the organ God created in man for holding fellowship with Himself. Faith is its first natural function; by faith and love it lives in God. It is the ear that hears the voice of God, the eye that can ever see Him and the unseen world; the capacity for knowing and receiving all that God can communicate. It begins as trust in the word spoken; it grows into fellowship with the Person who speaks; its fruit is the reception of all God has to bestow. Sin turned the heart from the unseen to the seen, from God to self, and faith in God lost the place it was meant to have, and became a faith in the visible world and its good. And now unbelief, whether avowed and definite, or more secret and unconscious, is the great mark of the evil heart, the great proof of sin, the great cause of everlasting darkness and damnation. There is no warning the professing Christian Church needs to have sounded more loudly than this one to the Hebrews: Take heed lest there be in any one of you an “an evil heart of unbelief in falling away from the living God.”

The world is crying for our attention twenty four seven everyday. Everything from our phones, computers, television and video games are demanding our attention. Temptation and the distraction of sin is also calling out to us incessantly. Turning to the Lord with an awakened heart is our place of safety. Let Him put inside of you a heart of faith and you will be taken into His world of wonder awestruck by this Living God.


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