Ps.145:3 – Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised;

And His greatness is unsearchable.

Apparently Jesus used worship as some sort of measuring stick in regards to someone’s spirituality. It has nothing to do with the loudness of the worship or even the quality of the voices or music, to Him it was all about the heart. He would often say that someone worshipped Him with their lips and not with their heart. Worship is simply the way someone responds to the magnificence and goodness of the Lord. In this Psalm of David, David says that the greatness of God is unsearchable. He seems to be saying that the unsearchable nature of His greatness demands proportional worship. This is actually touching on what heaven is all about, our eternal response in worship to the unsearchable nature of His goodness. When the blinders of this age are totally and permanently removed we will step into the world of eternal worship. No joy in this life can compare to what we will live in for eternity. Spurgeon describes this verse like this.

“Worship should be somewhat like its object—great praise for a great God. There is no part of Jehovah’s greatness which is not worthy of great praise. In some beings greatness is but vastness of evil: in him it is magnificence of goodness. Praise may be said to be great when the song contains great matter, when the hearts producing it are intensely fervent, and when large numbers unite in the grand acclaim. No chorus is too loud, no orchestra too large, no psalm too lofty for the lauding of the Lord of Hosts…Song should be founded upon search; hymns composed without thought are of no worth, and tunes upon which no pains have been spent are beneath the dignity of divine adoration. Yet when we meditate most, and search most studiously we shall still find ourselves surrounded with unknowable wonders, which will baffle all attempts to sing them worthily. The best adoration of the Unsearchable is to own him to be so, and close the eyes in reverence before the excessive light of his glory.”

Now this is where all of this gets very interesting. One taste of the goodness and greatness of God opens our eyes to Him and transforms us into worshippers. As we worship, His goodness becomes even more apparent to us and we find ourselves worshipping even more. Once you enter into this kind of lifestyle everything begins to change. You are being changed into a worshipper of God.

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  1. Worship combined with musical instruments and an inspired melody as it becomes intermingled with heartfelt words that produces an entrance way to the unseen, yet tangible place of meeting with God. It’s the purposeful approach led by humility and thankfulness and unwavering determination that disconnects us from distractions so that we can experience deeper and deeper immersions, the place our soul is most aware and satisfied.

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