Matt.17:5 – But while Peter was still speaking, a radiant cloud composed of light spread over them, enveloping them all. And God’s voice suddenly spoke from the cloud, saying, “This is my dearly loved Son, the constant focus of my delight. Listen to him!”

Sometimes we need to be interrupted. Our preconceived opinions, especially about the Lord, often get in the way. We tend to judge spiritual experiences by our own past experience or our own doctrinal biases. That is exactly what Peter is doing in this passage. He was stuck in all he knew, the Old Testament. He had no knowledge of the new wine and new wine skins Jesus came to introduce. That’s when the story took a humorous turn. Peter was busy spouting off his ideas when the glory of the Lord rolled in. The light and the heaviness of the glory shut Peter up. That was when the Father began to speak. “This is my dearly loved Son, listen to Him”. In other words, we don’t need Elijah or Moses when Jesus is standing right in front of us. This is how Charles Spurgeon describes this passage.

“While he yet spake.” Such wild talk might well be interrupted. What a blessed interruption! We may often thank the Lord for stopping our babbling. “A bright cloud overshadowed them.” It was bright, and cast a shadow. They felt that they were entering it, and feared as they did so….Do we not know what it is to get shadow out of brightness, and “a voice out of the cloud”? This is after the frequent manner of the Lord in dealing with his favored ones. The voice was clear and distinct. First came the divine attestation of the Sonship of our Lord, “This is my beloved Son,” and the Father’s declaration of delight in him, “in whom I am well pleased.” What happiness for us that Jehovah is well pleased in Christ, and with all who are in him! Then followed the consequent divine requirement, “Hear ye him.” It is better to hear the Son of God than to see saints, or to build tabernacles.”

Glorious interruption! I wish all our services would be interrupted by the light and the glory. When God moves in it is time for us to lay low and be still. We can learn more in a moment of God’s interruption than in hours of humans talking. Visit us again Oh Lord!!!