Matt.17:4 – Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here”…

What exactly made it good for the three disciples to be there? Was it because they saw Moses and Elijah on the mountain? Or maybe it was because they saw the legendary cloud of glory? Or possibly it was the fact that they heard the voice of God, not many people could claim that? None of those things are the real reason it was good for the disciples to be there. It was good because they had been drawn aside by the Lord to just be with Him. The amazing thing about being alive today, it is our privilege to get alone to just be with Jesus any time we want. We don’t have to be part of the elite, inner circle; we are all welcome into His company anytime we choose. Here is how Matthew Henry describes Peter’s words.

“Though upon a high mountain, which we may suppose rough and unpleasant, bleak and cold, yet it is good to be here. He speaks the sense of his fellow-disciples; It is good not only for me, but for us. He did not covet to monopolize this favor, but gladly takes them in. He saith this to Christ. Pious and devout affections love to pour out themselves before the Lord Jesus. The soul that loves Christ, and loves to be with him, loves to go and tell him so; Lord, it is good for us to be here. This intimates a thankful acknowledgment of his kindness in admitting them to this favor. Note, Communion with Christ is the delight of Christians. All the disciples of the Lord Jesus reckon it is good for them to be with him in the holy mount. It is good to be here where Christ is, and whither he brings us along with him by his appointment; it is good to be here, retired and alone with Christ; to be here, where we may behold the beauty of the Lord Jesus.”

It is easy to get the role of Christ distorted in our lives. He is not just a ticket to eternal life or the person who can help us live our best life now. To just be with Him is worth more than the sum total of our entire life. How can I come to the place where I can say like Peter, “it is good for me to be here?” All it takes is a moment alone with Him and everything else will fade away. It is good to be here!!!

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  1. Yes I can say like Peter said, “It is good to be here.” I can’t wait to baste with the Lord.

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