Does he who supplies the Spirit to you and works miracles among you do so by works of the law, or by hearing with faith.

What an interesting phrase, the supply of the Spirit. We know, as far as God is concerned, this supply is unlimited. There is no end to God, He portions out His anointing to accomplish His plans. The good news is that there is an abundant supply of the Spirit available for every task He calls us to fulfill. The Lord wants to increase His supply in your life, this is where the miracles take place. On the day of Pentecost, we obviously see an incredible supply of the Spirit poured out on the new church in Jerusalem. This anointing changed the lives of everyone it touched, but it didn’t stop there. Each of these new believers received a fresh supply of the Spirit. As they were scattered, God’s purposes and plans began to be realized. People were saved, many were delivered and healed, and churches were planted throughout the region.
Today, the Lord is still supplying His Spirit to accomplish His Kingdom plans.
How does God determine the supply? I’m sure there are many variables, and at the end of the day, He does what He pleases, but the supply of the Spirit is often aimed at people who are hurting.
I often remember the anointing flowing out toward the woman with the issue of blood, and who can forget Lazarus being raised from the dead, or blind Bartimaeus, or the lame man at the pool of Bethesda, or the young son of the widow of Nain. The supply of the Spirit is unlimited and is flowing out through the church to the hurting world all around us.
Today, the Lord is still supplying His Spirit to work miracles amongst us, that never changes. Maybe today, you need a miracle. Maybe you received a bad medical report or possibly some disastrous financial news. Maybe your marriage is in trouble or your children are away from the Lord. There is a supply of the Spirit more than sufficient for your need today. How can you access this supernatural supply, His anointing is flowing in His church. It is important to put ourselves in a place where the Lord is moving, find a body of believers who believe in the supernatural flow of the Spirit. He shows Himself today through His people, He supplies His Spirit and works miracles amongst us, He always has and He always will, that never changes. Today there is a supply of the Spirit adequate for the need in your life.


  1. being in a body of beleivers isnt a option, the word tells us to asemble so we can be encoraged and be edified we belong to the body of christ, sometimes we get isolated by circumstances for a season, i have had jobs were i didnt talk to no one but livestock or see anyone for long periods of time, but the lord always made a way if i would ask him one time i asked he brought in spirit filled brothers and sisters back packing the high country were i was holding our family herd, they stayed in our cow camp and fished the high mountain lakes and streams i got to ride back into camp every evening after checking the herd and putting up my horse we had church every nite for over a week even in remote places the lord can and will provide if we ask him, it was a rich time seeing these flatlander brothers and sisters they were just as amazed seeing a cowboy by himselve following a herd in the middle of nowhere with two riding horses and one pack horse with a riffle in his saddle that just so happened to be a brother in the lord, i had to tell them some cowboys are saved not all of us are hell raiseing bar fighting varmits we sorta got a bad rap and sterio type from people seeing to many movies, our life is pretty boring taking care of a bunch of cows on open range we might see the supplys for us come in once a mounth if we are near the base camp and get to talk to who packed them inon pack horse find out what is going on with the rest of the world i would really look forward to sept. when we would bring out all the herds at once, id see the outfits come in and we would gather together and bring all cows out from all ranches and seperate them at the road, sometimes we would be bringing out12 thousand cows are more it was a good time it meant home a good bed a good bath and fellowshipat the time i was going to the cowboy church, we fellowshiped at the sell barn used it as a church when it wasnt being used to sell cows in . closer to the lordfellowship is a biggy if you want to grow if your situation is limiting you ask for fellowship anyway the lord will provide it he brought flat landers to me that loved the lord if he does it for others he will do it for you.

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