But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power, from such people turn away!

Does this passage strike a note with you? Does it possibly resemble modern trends in the christian world? Do you think Paul would be comfortable in the seeker friendly atmosphere of today’s “relevant church” movement. I hardly think so. Throughout history, church leaders have tried to “protect” people from the supernatural element of Christianity. The trend has always been to stay current with society so the crowds will be welcome. This practise goes by different names, in the 1940’s and 1950’s it was called “modernism”. In the 1990’s it was called “seeker sensitive”, today it is called “relevant”. I think Paul would call it a form of godliness without the power of God.
What separates Christianity from the other religions of the world is not our programs, slogans, or our professional presentations. What separates us is the power of God that is related to the message of the cross and the power of Pentecost. Nothing that man can generate can ever replace the power of God related to our message and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Does the supernatural power of God make some people uncomfortable? Of course it does. Is that a good reason to go in a different direction? Absolutely not. As much as the world has changed, human needs have remained the same. Our basic need is an encounter with the Living God. Christian empowerment slogans may sound good, but can never replace our need for an encounter with God Himself. Man needs more than a formula or a philosophy, we need God Himself, nothing less can ever satisfy our heart.
The question that I always think of is this, “will the Christian experience that you currently walk in sustain you in the day of trouble?”
Several years ago, we experienced a tragedy called Katrina in the New Orleans area. I was so grateful, during that season, for the unusual grace that had fallen in our church. The powerful presence of God sustained us in that season. If the unthinkable happens in the days ahead, “relevant” will suddenly become “irrelevant”. Slick presentations and slogans don’t do much when trouble is banging on your door. Evaluate where you are in your experience with God, don’t use current trends for your measuring stick, look to God’s Word to see if what you have is valid.

2 Replies to “FORM OF GODLINESS”

  1. Itotally agree, nothing but the lord can and will substain us and if we beleive anything else we are decived and are deceivers ourselves we cant go on with the lord and walk in this deception, scarry stuff but what is more scary is to miss out on what the lord has for us we wont fall into this decption if we hold dear the lord and count all things as such but only the lord true, allow him and only him and his word to be every thing in our lives, many will try to deceive and take many away, paul was right by saying not to be around those that would try this by a form of godlyness but denying his power and love he wants to give us, we cant even look on what is happening we have to stay close to jesus no matter what. i know people that use to walk with the lord they no longer do, they got side tract and the light slowly faded, im saddened they went after other things or man made ideas at the same time im thankful i was kepted, any one of us can be deceived, if we dont put the lord first outside of all that is going on, eve was deceived by beleiveing the lie when she knew the word god had spoken, god walked with adam and eve every day in the garden they lost so much by disobeying and being fooled, its the same thing today this has not changed, saten walks around wanting to kill steal and distroy all of us he can not if we live for the lord. lately in my own life i have asked the lord to help me do all i can with his help to please him, we had a very good revival here and unity with the belivers people were saved and many set free, today is a new day we got to keep walking cant get by with what happened at the revival last week it was great but today the lord has new things for us to be faithful in go see the new ones pray with them put off what we think is important and seek him for his will today, we only have today to please him, i pray i lay down my life today for him and his will for today cant do anything else, cant bring back yesterday, tomorrow hasnt come, we can please the lord if we will give it to him all of it,be obedient to him, we really love him and he is our lord of our lives if we obey his word and continue in his word, live for himwe will have him and his strenth we wont be clouds with out water we will be dressed by him in his armor with his atority he will help us to stand in this evil time only by his love and gracenothing else will cut it

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