Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst—not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.”
Jn.4:14 The Message

This is one of the classic stories in the ministry of Jesus. He is talking to a disillusioned Samaritan woman, a woman disillusioned with life because of a long series of disappointments. Like women from every generation, she thought her happiness in life was somehow connected to finding the right guy, her knight in shining armor would come and make all her dreams come true. She had been through five marriages and her current man was not her husband, she had been disillusioned for a very long time. When Jesus began to minister to her she immediately went into her religious defense syndrome, “this is the way we do it in Samaria”, but it seems her religion had let her down along with all of the men from her past. Jesus words were different from any words she had heard before, somehow these words were full of life, and, against her better judgement, she found herself listening to the words of this compelling stranger from Galilee. Instead of religion He was talking about satisfaction and joy and something He called Living Water, somehow she felt strangely attracted to this man. He told her she could drink from these Living Waters and they would overflow in her life. Jonathan Edwards often spoke of the overflowing nature of God, here is something He said about God’s tendency to overflow.

“God is absolutely independent of us; that we have nothing of our own, no stock from whence we can give to God; and that no part of his happiness originates from man.
​From what has been said, it appears, that the pleasure God hath in those things which have been mentioned, is rather a pleasure in diffusing and communicating to, than in receiving from, the creature. Surely, it is no argument of indigence in God that he is inclined to communicate of his infinite fullness. It is no argument of the emptiness or deficiency of a fountain, that it is inclined to overflow.”

I love that, God has a tendency to overflow. The heavens cannot contain Him, surely we cannot benefit Him or add to Him by anything we have to offer, He loves to help us by revealing His goodness to us, as we receive from Him then, and then only, is our life complete. The woman from Samaria found a different water at the fountain that day, she found the only man that could make a real difference in her life, you never know, maybe this is the day you will be captured by this overflowing nature of God.

One Reply to “GOD’S TENDENCY”

  1. outside of his joy we find only hay wood and stuble in this life that will pass away, i have been going threw alot of trails lately, but it is all worth knowing the lord even the hard times are better than not knowing the lord he is able to walk right along side of us and will, and he will comfort us we have those springs of living water at all times good and bad periods, we have the lord

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