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a woman came to Him having an alabaster flask of very costly fragrant oil, and she poured it on His head as He sat at the table. But when His disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why this waste?”

“Mary, why are you wasting that costly perfume? Don’t you know how valuable that spikenard is? We could have done so much more if we sold it.”
Human wisdom can never see the value of Jesus. Mary was pouring out her most precious possession on the Lord, she was actually pouring out her love. The natural man is only interested in earthly matters, he can never see the preciousness of Christ. Judas could never understand why Mary would “waste” such valuable perfume on Jesus. He only valued earthly power and earthly possessions, He could never see the value of this kind of worship.
That brings us to our topic for today, after all this is Mary Monday. Two years ago we started “Mary’s Song”, a rehab for young troubled women. These are women who have been given up on by most people. They have been shunned by their family, betrayed by friends, and in many cases, they have taxed the patience of the courts past the breaking point. Two years ago we began to pour out the oil on these girls. It has cost thousands of dollars, thousands of hours of work, and incredible attention from most of the members of our staff. For some people it may seem like a waste of time. “You could invest yourself on something or someone else, you are wasting time and money on these troubled girls.” Those natural voices always speak up, they can never see the value of redemption, after all, that is what the life and ministry of Jesus was all about.
Mary was pouring out the oil on her Savior, remembering how He had forgiven her sin. In light of what He had done, she could do nothing less. As far as the girls at Mary’s Song are concerned, anytime we look at one of them we actually see ourselves. We remember our own rebellion, our addictions, our lust, and thievery and then we remember the incredible mercy of our Lord. Why this waste? What else can we do? When we remember what He has done for us, we can spare no expense. We know what He has done for us and we are confident of the work He is doing in them. What shall we do? Pour out the oil, give an offering, offer our time, and minister to these girls, for when you have done it to the least of these, you have done in unto Him.

3 Replies to “WHY THIS WASTE ?”

  1. we are all sinners saved by grace i bet we are all glad someone told us about jesus, there was no big sin or little sin we were all lost until the lord saved us, i for one did what sinners do, sin. to be saved from my seperation from god was great, these girls have experienced this many of them, we were all without hope outside of christ

  2. Paris, may the Lord bless the pouring out of your oil, as it is another example of the New Testament’s being lived out today among true Christians in a world dominated by the prince of darkness.

  3. Pouring into these girls or any other being could never be a waste of anything you may do, Jesus sure didn’t hesitate to pour out his blood for us, I am very thankful for the Mary’s Song staff they poured the love of Jesus into me, and I will continue to pour it back out into anyone that whats or needs it. AMEN

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