Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

Is hell a real place, or just the archaic threats of irrelevant, ranting preachers. Our sanitized culture recoils at the thought of a place of eternal torment, especially the eternal fires of hell. The problem we have is the source of much of our teaching on hell, it is Jesus Christ Himself. Most of the criticism aimed at Him during His time on earth was not His teaching on hell, He was condemned for the love He showed to the common sinners of His day. It is hard to condemn Christ as a narrow minded preacher, devoid of mercy. He is the very incarnation of the mercy of God, yet His warnings about hell remain.
In 1999 we began performing a play at Victory Fellowship called Beyond the Grave. In this production we see the untimely deaths of several teens, the victims of a troubled young man gone out of control. The tragedy portrayed in this production was not just the premature deaths of these precious young people, but the horrors that followed for those unprepared for life beyond the grave. The impact of this play has been quite stunning, several hundred thousand people have attended performances of Beyond the Grave, and an untold number have had true conversion experiences. It seems eternity is in our hearts, man knows in the bottom of his being that there is life beyond the grave.
Why would man be condemned in this place of darkness for eternity? How could a loving God cast such a harsh judgement on so many people? Those answers are clearly taught in the Bible. The Bible begins with man’s rebellion against His creator. The ramifications of our rebellion against an infinitely, holy God are quite staggering. The Bible shows man headed down a path of utter destruction in his march toward eternity in his defiance of God and His kingdom. The mercy and kindness of God were revealed in the coming of our
Savior, Jesus Christ. His sacrificial death on the cross is God’s plan of rescue from the total destruction of mankind. Have you made your peace with our offended, holy God, or have you rejected His incredible offer of reconciliation made available by the death of His Son? What is at stake, only your eternal destiny.

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  1. I Find much comfort today knowing god will judge us rightously,I had to take my wife to Fayetville yesterday to her main doctor, I was horrified by how bad people have gotten in the big city, We are seltered where we live at from most of what we saw, Ive not seen people so mean and npo respect for anyone, It down right shhook me up, children cussing their parents, gentel man clubs where woman dance naked, hookers pemps fighting you name it we saw it, maybe some of you see this alot because you live in a big city, we dont. we left there so greived glad we were going home, the worst sinners here at home dont act the way these people did, they at lest have more respect, but sin is sin seperation from god, im so thankful threw Jesus we are reconceled into his kingdom and fellowship, we dont get what we deserve, we are saved by grace and his mercy and nothing else.

  2. Thank you, Pastor Bailey! Wow! This reminds me of a dream that God gave me. I was at an island resort with my son. It wasn’t a fancy place at all, but similar to a convention center with many rooms. The “employees” there were all men who wore business suits. All of a sudden, the “employees” clapped their hands as though they were gathering children, and said, “OK, everyone! It’s time to go!” Thousands upon thousands of people gathered in the hallways. I didn’t know what was happening, so I asked one of the “employees.” He told me to ask another, who told me to ask another, until finally I was told to see the “Boss.” I grabbed my son by the hand to seek out the “Boss.” I asked Him, “What’s going on? Where is everybody going?” He took me to a window, similar to that at an airport, and pointed outside to the tarmac. There was a HUGE incinerator…HUGE, with a super-wide conveyer belt leading right into it. People were being brought into the incinerator, oblivious to where they were going. I told the “Boss,” “Oh no! They don’t even know where they’re going!” The “Boss” said, “Com’on, I can show you a safe place. I’ll save you.” Just then, I woke up. There are just way too many lost souls out there, millions upon millions of people to reach. I’m so thankful for witnessing tools such as Beyond the Grave!!!

  3. As an irrelevant, ranting preacher, I wonder what it would be like to see where my name used to be in the Book of Life, but it had been erased, leaving just a faint smear and slight impression.

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