And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

People have been making predictions about the return of Christ since the time of Christ. Paul wrote his letters to the church in Thessalonica to correct one of these predictions. Some of the believers in Thesalonica had believed Christ had already returned and others had left their daily lives to go out of town to wait on a mountain for the Lord’s return. Paul wrote his letter to correct them about their thoughts about the coming of Christ. He said that we could be ready for that day and it should not catch true Christians “like a thief in the night”.
Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, believed Christ returned spiritually in the 1800’s, and the end of the age would be 1914. He proved to be a false prophet. In the 1970’s, David Moses, the founder of the “Children of God” set a date predicting the destruction of America, most of his followers left the country until the date passed (we were actually glad to get rid of them). May 21 will undoubtably prove to be another false prediction, but that should not cause us to fall into a spiritual sleep. These false predictions themselves are an actual sign of the end of times.
The signs of the nearness of the end of the age and the coming of Christ are all around us, but know one can know the day of His return. The surprise element not only keeps us guessing, but is intended to keep us ready. If the end of the world, as we know it, is upon us, how should it effect our behavior? It is kind of like getting ready for your wedding, but not knowing exactly when the date will be. There is a joyful anticipation as the longed for date draws near, the excitement deepens as you make final preparations. What kind of preparations need to be made? Most importantly, we must prepare our hearts. Our God is a jealous God and He will not share our affection with anyone else. He wants to be our first love, friendship with the world is considered adultery and disqualifies us from our relationship with Christ. Make improving your relationship with Christ a priority in your life, that is the only way we can be prepared for that great and terrible day.

2 Replies to “IS THE RAPTURE MAY 21?”

  1. I have learned and still am learning if i think i know something be very carefull, only the lord can direct my life as i allow him to do it. so much deceit all around us, false teachings false prophets, just plain bad teachings, the HHoly Spirit will lead us in all truth, thank god for it, ever notice when you hear something that sounds good but somehow it dont seem quite right? its most likely the Holy Spirit warning us, not to buy into what is being said, I know if I stay Close to the Lord his Word and his love and will for my life I wont be fooled, if i get out of his covering go about what i think, i would be in trouble, If im yeilded to the lord, and waiting on him in all things love him and my brothers and sisters i wont be fooled, so many being deceived , so many people i know jumping out of their beliefs and convictions because god wasnt first and formost in their hearts, lately ive seen areas in my wife and my own livesthat we need to be strenthened in, this is good because we can get the grace and strenth to overcome and be better for the lord and for his glory, ifg anything doesnt gloryfie the lord get rid of it, it will only hinder, as long as we are still in this flesh it will try to bring us in captivity, the Sp[irit and the flesh is at war in all of us and this will always be the case until the lord takes us home but thank god through the word and by grace he changes us from glory to glory, isnt that great? I know and we all know to take heed not get so sure of ourselves but take it all and all of it to the lord, if we do this we will not fall or fail we serve and know a loving mighty god!

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