My heart *overflows with a good theme; I address my verses to the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. You are fairer than the sons of men; Grace is poured upon Your lips; Therefore God has blessed you forever.

David often spoke of “seeing” the beauty of the Lord. He was describing prophetic visions of the glory of God. The Lord promised these visions would increase in the last days. As you get full of God, many times you will step into that prophetic realm. Jonathan Edwards spoke often of the burning and shining qualities of those touched by the Lord. He spoke of what he called “experimental Christianity”. He often said that true religion effected our hearts as well as our minds. In today’s passage, we see the connection between “seeing” the beauty of the Lord, and spiritual revelation. Charles Spurgeon expressed the connection between revelation and seeing the Lord in his comments on this passage.

“As though the King himself had suddenly appeared before him, the psalmist lost in admiration of his person, turns from his preface to address his Lord. A loving heart has the power to realize its object. The eyes of a true heart see more than the eyes of the head. Moreover, Jesus reveals himself when we are pouring forth our affections towards him. It is usually the case that when we are ready, Christ appears. If our heart is warm it is an index that the sun is shining, and when we enjoy his heat we shall soon behold his light. Thou art fairer than the children of men. In person, but especially in mind and character, the King of saints is peerless in beauty.”

Most people have never thought of the Lord as beautiful. They would describe Him as demanding and, if they were honest, far removed from our daily lives. This idea of beautiful comes from an encounter with the Lord. Have you ever tasted of the beauty and goodness of our God? We can see glimpses of this beauty all all around us. We see it a glorious sunset, a majestic mountain range, the amazing colors of the fall, but despite their beauty, these are only shadows of the real. The glory of God is seen when Jesus steps into your life. Until that time, we may have ideas or beliefs about Him and His goodness, but until we taste Him for ourselves, that is all we have, ideas. When you have that first encounter with the Lord, then you will declare like the psalmist, “You are fairer than the sons of men” because now you have tasted for yourself the goodness of God. From that day on, like David, long to be entranced by His prophetic vision.


  1. beauiful, beautiful, savior divine, I am so grateful that you are mine. white is my beloved and rudy He may be, His blood has cleansed my sin because He hung on a tree. As sorrow and Joy are seen in the lily and the Rose, It is through the way of this GodMan Our Creator has chose. The Lion and the Lamb in peace at last, Once this wicket and evil age has finally pasted. His head is throughly pure like the finest of gold, with riches of wisdom and knowledge untold. His hair is as black as the Raven, casting a shadow as he flys by, so is my ignorance covered, by my savior for me who has died. Saving me from simplemindness, openning my eyes to see, all of his beautiful creation and all He has paid for me. His eyes are like Doves by the Water streams, drinking in Revelations flow as the sunlight beams. His cheeks are like scented spices that rest on a flowerly bed, Where His smile tenderly nods His acceptance, a place I can rest my head. His words smell as sweet as Lilies,His breath as the fragrance of myrrh, Though bitter in His soul He brings blessings, with a willingness to endure to sow. As the topaz is a symbol of friendship,and gold pure as it can get, My beloveds arms reachout and embrace, in ways I will never forget. His bowels are full of compassion, His tender affections relate to mine, He comforts me in all my afflictions and helps me to leave them behind. His legs are as strong as marble, steadfast with stability, So is His Love Forever, Through out all Eternity! His steps were fixed and ordered, just as it is so with mine, Following in my Lords footsteps, walking that thin narrow line. Though He carrys the Governments on His shoulders, His legs will never give out. His power is beyond all measure, that the Rocks can not help but shout! His Love is deeper than the ocean, HIs knowledge higher than the sky, His wisdom far out reaches, than all of my questions why? His presence brings joy like a fountain, that bubbles up on the inside, bringing life abundantly in a wonderful adventurous Joyride! They say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if the Eyes that are beholding me, are Eyes that are ever watching throughout all eternity. He see’s me and calls me beloved, and I am so greatful He’s mine! Beautiful, Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Savior Divine! song of solomon 5:10 sue

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