2 Cor 9:10 Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.

I was recently reading this verse and was struck by the provision of God in all things. He has revealed His generosity and His abundant supply in creation itself and how it functions. In our upside down world it is important for us to get hold of God and His ways of provision. Our world is in economic upheaval, we must trust in the Lord. Adam Clarke describes this best in His explanation of this passage, enjoy.

“The sower, as we have already seen, is he that gives alms of what he hath; and God, who requires him to give these alms, is here represented as providing him with the means. As in the creation, if God had not created the earth with every tree and plant with its seed in itself, so that a harvest came, without a previous ploughing and sowing, there could have been no seed to deposit in the earth; so, if God had not, in the course of his providence, given them the property they had, it would be impossible for them to give alms. And as even the well cultivated and sowed field would be unfruitful if God did not, by his unseen energy and blessing, cause it to bring forth, and bring to maturity; so would it have been with their property: it could not have increased; for without his blessing riches take wings and flee away, as an eagle towards heaven. Therefore, in every sense, it is God who ministers seed to the sower, and multiplies the seed sown. And as all this properly comes from God, and cannot exist without him, he has a right to require that it be dispensed in that way which he judges best.
The word – he that ministereth, is very emphatic; it signifies he who leads up the chorus; it means also to join to, associate, to supply or furnish one thing after another so that there be no want or chasm. Thus God is represented, in the course of his providence, associating and connecting causes and effects; keeping every thing in its proper place and state of dependence on another, and all upon himself; so that summer and winter, heat and cold, seed time and harvest, regularly succeed each other. Thus God leads up this grand chorus of causes and effects: provides the seed to the hand of the sower; gives him skill to discern the times when the earth should be prepared for the grain, and when the grain should be sowed; blesses the earth, and causes it to bring forth and bud, so that it may again minister seed to the sower and bread to the eater; and, by a watchful providence, preserves every thing. The figure is beautiful, and shows us the grand system of causes and effects, all directed by and under the immediate guidance and government of God himself.”

We can see His handiwork all around us. Just as He supplies for all of us through seedtime and harvest in the agricultural world, He lavishly supplies for us in the financial world as well. Sow your seed in His ground, then sit back and watch His chorus unfold before your eyes.

One Reply to “GOD’S CHORUS”

  1. Right on Brother! we found out the Lord isnt slack concerning his promises, my work slowed down and we prayed, then i remembered i have a chain saw and i went around with my truck and got a lot of work taking out trees getting tons of firewood to sell this winter and some good logs to take to the saw mill also getting to share the lord with even more folks you nrever know what adventure the lord may have for you, my work is very dangerous i jump around up in those trees limbing and cutting on ropes over houses pulling the limbs dowm a little at a time if i misscalculate i could be hurt or killed real fast, what a rush! its all in his hands if anything happens im so glad he calls it and we dont.

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