Mark 7:28 ¶ And she answered and said to Him, “Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs.”

Recently my beagle, Phoebe, ran off with a raw stalk of broccoli that had fallen from the counter as Parris prepared our dinner. You would have thought Phoebe had found a precious treasure, to her this was a valuable morsel and no one was going to take it from her. It was funny watching her guarding this raw stalk of broccoli something seemingly without value which meant everything to her at that moment. In a similar way, spiritual perception changes everything. For the worldly man, the feast spread on the Master’s table is insignificant, he values only earthly possessions and human accomplishments. For the spiritual man, even the crumbs falling from His table are priceless. The Syrophoenician woman in this story had caught the preciousness of the Master’s table, she was happy to feast on the crumbs falling from the table. The JFB Commentary brings out some interesting insight on this woman’s faith.

“Yet the dogs under the table are allowed to eat of the children’s crumbs—the droppings from their master’s full table: Give me that, and I am content: One crumb of power and grace from Thy table shall cast the devil out of my daughter.” Oh, what lightning quickness, what reach of instinctive ingenuity, do we behold in this heathen woman!”

What an amazing revelation, there is more than enough power and blessing in the smallest crumb of this heavenly bread to satisfy our hungry heart and to make the sinner whole. There is an infinite stream of miraculous power flowing out from the Savior. Check out Matthew Henry’s comments on this passage.

“The turn she gave to this word of Christ, which made against her, and her improvement of it, to make for her, She said, “Yes, Lord, I own it is true that the children’s bread ought not to be cast to the dogs; but they were never denied the crumbs of that bread, nay it belongs to them, and they are allowed a place under the table, that they may be ready to receive them. I ask not for a loaf, no, nor for a morsel, only for a crumb; do not refuse me that.” This she speaks, not as undervaluing the mercy, or making light of it in itself, but magnifying the abundance or miraculous cures with which she heard the Jews were feasted, in comparison with which a single cure was but as a crumb.”

Wow, this woman was magnifying the abundance of God’s miraculous cures available to us in Christ. What kind of need do you have today? Are you suffering with sickness in your body? Maybe you are suffering from emotional trauma or some sort of addiction, there is hope and help for you in Christ. All it takes is one small morsel of bread falling from the Master”s table.

2 Replies to “CHILDREN’S CRUMBS”

  1. At times lately ive been looking for just a small crum from the Lords table life can at times get very complacated, our hope is in Christ and him only, In this life down here we can expect the unexpected but in Christ we have His promises.These go past every thing, we can be in failing health, our friends dying in front of us, and we all die sooner or later becoming a widow or widower, all the stuff we feel helpless in the lord always is watcfhing out for us all this goes on by us just being here in this life. the lord knows what we experience in all this, we have to experience much, but we are not alone, as a beliver I know im not forsaken maybe perplexed at times but never forsaken, all this will pass and we all know this. the lord gives us grace to walk accordingly and its his good pleasure to do this when its hard things get bad or complicated those crums look very tasty!

  2. I gave God a tithe and offering of $1.30 today. The same day he increased it 200fold! My unemployment check was supposed to be held up for a week or two. But after giving that tithe and offering the funds were set to be released into my account! God can surely surprise me at times! Matthew 14:19-21;15:34-37. All the natural and spiritual gifts that he gives me are truly cherished! Thanks Father God! (In the of the Lord Jesus Christ) pour out blessings on my fellow saints as well Father God!( In the name of your son)

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