Acts 9:3-5 ¶ As he journeyed he came near Damascus, and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven. Then he fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” ¶ And he said, “Who are You, Lord?” ¶ Then the Lord said, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for you to kick against the goads.”

I was recently teaching a class on supernatural ministers and ministries and was reading this passage in our class. “How did Paul know who He was?” Pastor Carl from the lower ninth ward, asked me in the class. Suddenly I found myself rehearsing my journey which led me to Christ. I searched at the Krishna temple and He wasn’t there. I looked at the Bahai faith fireside gathering, He was no where to be found. I even went to to hear about the latest prophet at the Divine Light mission, He wasn’t there either. It wasn’t until one night on the lakefront near Ponchartrain Beach when some young people began to share with me about Jesus Christ, that’s where I found Him (actually He found me). As these young Christians poured out their hearts to me, suddenly He was unmistakably all around me. He was in their words, He was in their smiles, He was in their faces, before long I felt Him coming inside of me. How did I know who it was? When you meet Jesus for yourself you will know. He is beyond words.
As I responded to Pastor Carl I felt Jesus walk into our class. That is the way it is with Jesus, you start talking about your testimony and suddenly He comes alive. He lives and breathes in your testimony. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophesy. He lives in your experience of His love in your life.

Paul’s testimony dominated his life and ministry from the day of his first encounter on the Damascus Road. Christ had become his life that day. He counted everything else as loss in view of the surpassing knowledge of Jesus Christ. How do I know this dominated Paul’s life? Luke recorded the story three times in the book of Acts. There are only a few small portions of several sermons in Acts. It speaks volumes that Luke included Paul’s testimony three times. This was obviously Paul’s message. Paul preached and lived Jesus Christ. He said that he had been crucified with Christ and he no longer lived but Christ lived inside of him. This revelation of Christ is the key to Paul’s life and the answer to life’s questions. We find our purpose, our power, our salvation, our healing, our encouragement; we find everything that pertains to life and godliness in Christ. If you have been drifting through life, tossed to and fro with all the winds of change in our world, here is your solution. This is your only solution. Lose yourself in Christ. When you do, you will find Christ and discover life itself.


  1. Thank you for sharing this testimony!
    I am reminded of a dream I had one night: I saw a sea of women sitting in the street, finely dressed with beautiful shoes, and designer handbags. I asked God why they were in the street with such beautiful things?… and then I heard, “they have everything, yet are homeless”; followed by the words–they shop for me, like they shop for clothes, picking up whatever is novel.”

    A picture of a of the poor in Spirit, a mission field (in our own backyard) of both men and women.

  2. Thank you Pastor Frank for reaffirming how important it is as believers to really know who it is that saved us and how we meet Him. Without a real encounter with Jesus how would anyone know that He is real and alive and not just a “story”?

  3. Great testimony, I Have an awesome testimony to reveal in His time. His Supernatural Spirit just no words. Wow thank you Jesus for the your Spirit. Thank you Holy Spirit. Good Bye World. It’s a new world a new life a new everything. Love you Pastor Frank. Let’s go Holy Spirit use me…….have your way.

  4. I will never forget a encounter I had with my child as we were at a park on st. Charles. We took a ride with momma (Danielle) in the dog van to go play at the park shortly after being delivered from drug addiction and I just wanted to tell everyone what God has done for me and what He can do for them as well. (Eph. 3:20). A man with shiney black hair white white teeth , a pair of long white pants with blue stripes , a ragged shirt , shoes in his hands walking barefoot with a old brass kerosene lantern in one of his shoes just nothing appealing to the normal person walked up to me and I stopped him and asked him what the lantern is for didn’t really have a answer. So I said I got a lighter and he was amazed like he never seen one and I lit his lamp. He said thankyou and gave me 3 cumquarts for Kaitlyn to play with. I then asked what he’s doing wanting to offer him lunch and he said he’s just spreading the love. I then asked what religion he was he said there is none, I said I guess you can look at it like that, I then asked if he knew jesus he smiled and gave me a high five. I felt it , this was supernatural. I went to tell Danielle what happened not realizing she wittnessed the whole thing as well as kaitlyn. I was amazed and wanted to know more. I went to go after him and couldn’t find him. As kaitlyn asked me if that was a angel I said I think it was jesus. I went and sat under a oak tree by the park to just ponder about this and on the way was a group of people in white. I wasn’t on acid nor seeing things and was just awe struck. I believe it was jesus himself being he said there is no religion and felt that he was showing me be ready as he was with a full lamp of oil. And also that He’s there for me in my time of need. Just recently in the past couple months its been rough not feeling his prescence , suffering from anxiety and depression and was having stomach problems. I felt I was way off away from God and needed His presence. Well last sunday pastor franks message I felt was imparted in Him from to me being he mentioned what I was going through. It’s amazing to me to feel that the spirit of the lord can in a way connect with your trusted leaders. Why it happened like this is I believe there’s just something about being desperate for God. He shows up at the perfect time just increasing my faith more and more. Pray for your leaders and watch how His spirit can in away run parralel with your needs. I had a encounter and will never be the same.

    1. Wow round 2 , I felt like tonight was for me again. A much needed drink. I think about the chicken poo job, I went from operating cranes in aircondition , watching tv , ps2 , cooking just really spoiled to building cranes in the heat , welding , singing to God thanking Him constantly and really don’t feel like it. Why me Lord? It’s not about me , its being a light , a image of Christ that is difficult at times. No one wants to work with me on the road cause I refuse to add hours to our time, I get stuck with alot of positions where my integrity drives people away. The worship I listen to litterally makes them go crazy. Why me Lord? I can’t wait for my redemtion to come. I have to go back in listen to David halls word for me , pastor karens prophetic word on clearing the fields, Dick mills scriptures he gave me to just make it through. If I didn’t trust God and my leaders I would probably be suicidal lol! Yielding and letting my own stupid plans go is hard but worth it. He shows up every time I really need it. God is good!

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