Matt. 14:17 ¶ And they said to Him, “We have here only five loaves and two fish.”

Today happens to be my sixtieth birthday, wow, does that sound weird. I have to be the most blessed of all men alive today. I am married to the most beautiful woman on earth, I have four awesome kids, and five amazing grand kids. I am pastoring the greatest church I have ever been to and the Lord has allowed me to preach on six different continents. Life is good.
I was saved and called into the ministry when I was twenty one years old, by the grace of God I have never looked back. I have seen thousands of people healed and touched by the fire of revival and quite a number of churches and ministries have been birthed from our church. I don’t want to sound boastful, I want to give thanks to the Lord for what He has done. He has done and is doing exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what I could ask or think. I was recently reading Spurgeon’s commentary on Matthew, his sentiments kind of sum up my feelings.

“It is a good thing to know how very poor we are, and how far from being able to meet the wants of the people around us. It is good to be made to confess this in so many words to our Lord. Truly, he who writes this comment has often felt as if he had neither loaf or fish; yet for some forty years and more he has been a full-handed waiter at the King’s Great banquets.”

That expresses my heart completely. I came into this work with nothing to offer, not even a loaf of bread or a small fish, and the Lord has filled my hands time and time again with His abundance. I am that full-handed waiter that Spurgeon was describing. Who but God could have started Feed the Multitudes and funded it using the empty hands of a congregation struggling to survive? Who but our Lord could have launched a soul winning production with a group of youth and inexperienced ministers like Beyond the Grave that has seen over 65,000 decisions for Christ besides having an impact on untold thousands of lukewarm Christians? Who but our God could have fed thousands of people daily for eleven months after the disaster called Katrina decimated our city? Who in their right mind could take credit for any of those things?
So I have to say it again, I am blessed above all men. I am happy to be sixty years old pastoring the greatest of all churches in New Orleans, Louisiana. Although we have seen more than our share of the goodness of God, I still have a great expectancy in my soul. It seems like I remember something about our amazing Lord, He loves to save the best for last. I have a feeling His most shocking miracles are reserved for the days just ahead of us.

8 Replies to “NO FISH AND NO BREAD”

  1. Happy Birthday Pastor Bailey!! Pray you get wave after wave after wave of his presence and love pouring all over you and your family today. We love you and Pastor Parris thank you for everything!! The Heberts:)

  2. You have a blesser of a Birthday Brother! thank you very much for making this site available to all of us it means so much to be able to get on here and be edified and corected and blessed, I start my day out early with my time with the lord reading the word then what I see on here is the iceing on it all I agree 100per cent the best is yet to come and we will get to see it and partake, no time in the history will many have seen what is yet to come. I also want to thank your wife she is such a blessing to us all!

  3. Happy birthday, Pastor Frank! We are indeed the blessed ones! To have a leader who is so in love with the Lord and a lover of the Holy Spirit! Thanks for your undying Passion for the truth and your uncompromising spirit to tell it like it is, no matter the cost! Love and blessings, Mimi and Brian Crabtree

  4. Happy Birthday Pastor, As a member of the church that our Father sent you to birth over 33 year ago, I’ve been pastored by you since my conversion 31 years ago. I have seen you high and I’ve seen you low (just as you have seen us) and I absolutely admire that even in the really hard times you never let go. You have been faithful to God and you have been a faithful us. You have been a real life study of being faithful with a little and God will bring the increase. Thank you for not pursuing the stardom that others thought was important, for dying to self and allowing God to mold and shape you, for standing before people and speaking or not speaking, what God has put in your spirit and not being afraid. Do I think you are perfect, no, but another thing I admire is you know your not also. From one of God’s sheep, a big thank you to my earthly shepherd.

  5. Pastor Frank, I wanted to text you and tell you Happy BELATED BIRTHDAY. I FORGOT TO TELL you please forgive me. Awesome number Pastor, praise Jesus, may you Have many more. Thank you for your services ii n Church. Thank you Jesus that i have found your Church. I Love His Presence and anoiting there. May our Church grow more and more in The name of Jesus. I know his calling for me. Haven’t figured out where yet, but He will let me know when and where. Thank you a bunch for being there preaching the Glorious wordof Him. Love Kevin. Holy Spirit guide us more and more. Amen.

  6. Happy Birthday Pastor Frank thank you for teaching the word it is a blessing to get your teachings when we are away from home, love and blessings!

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