Rev. 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

One of the amazing pictures Christ painted with His words was the one about Living Water. He said that anyone was welcome to drink this water and it would have an unexplainable effect upon their life. Jesus said they would never thirst again. I have been refreshed and satisfied by this drink since 1973 when I first heard the words “Whosoever will”. I have been drinking ever since. Charles Spurgeon spoke about the strange phenomenon that not everyone is willing to stop and drink from this life giving fountain. Check out Spurgeon’s thoughts.

“The drinking fountains at the corners of our streets are valuable institutions; and we can hardly imagine any one so foolish as to feel for his purse, when he stands before one of them, and to cry, I cannot drink because I have not five pounds in my pocket. However poor the man is, there is the fountain, and just as he is he may drink of it. Thirsty passengers, as they go by, whether they are dressed in fustian or in broadcloth, do not look for any warrant for drinking; its being there is their warrant for taking its water freely. The liberality of some good friends has put the refreshing crystal there and we take it, and ask no questions. Perhaps the only persons who need go thirsty through the street where there is a drinking fountain, are the fine ladies and gentlemen who are in their carriages. They are very thirsty, but cannot think of being so vulgar as to get out to drink. It would demean them, they think, to drink at a common drinking fountain: so they ride by with parched lips.”

As most of you know, we had an incredible supernatural outbreak at Victory Fellowship in 1994. It was dramatic, precious, and unstoppable. Drinking from this fountain became everything to me and our church. The thing that surprised me the most was those that wouldn’t drink. Like Spurgeon pointed out, drinking, or needing spiritual refreshing just seems to be beneath some people. David pointed out that being joyful in the Lord was limited to the humble. “My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad.” Ps.34:2
Many of my ministry friends were not very happy about the spiritual drinking at Victory Fellowship. Some thought it would soon end (so much for that, that was 18 years ago), others thought we had gotten off track. Actually we were getting back on track, the track of Evan Roberts, Jonathan Edwards, and George Whitefield. As time has passed, drinking Living Water has become a way of life. My only regret, I wish all of my ministry friends would get off of their carriages, climb down off of their high horses, and join in with the needy, drinking from the fountain of Living Waters.


  1. we can relate to this very t6hing you are shareing today! people will judge us some beleivers if they dont understand how the lord may lead some of us, they may see us with the down and out or shareing the lord with bikers pimps and drunks and protitutes and they are above all this, or the lord gives a certain direction or calls for the Body to humble itsselve before him so He can move more freely in our midst someone among us sometimes has a critical spirit, im learning we are not here to please them but be faithful to what the lord wants, Thats who we need to please even if we haveoppisition most of the time its a so called religious person that didnt ask Gods heart on the matter and got critical, this is a bad state to be in, if something isnt from the lord it will come to nothing but if it is nothing will stop it from coming to pass, I cant have a fear of what some people may think if the Lord leads or sets up things he wants, we get prayer and counsel with faithful Brothers and sisters that are walking and serveing the lord and stay away from critical type of things, we will always haVE SOME THAT WILL SAY IT CANT BE DONE WHEN THE lORD TELLS US TO DO IT! MOST PEOPLE i KNOW THAT GET USED ALOT FOR THE KINGDOM MAY BE AT THEIR WEAKESS POINT OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE SOMETIMES KNEES SHAKING BUT THE LORD IS LEADING AND COMES THREW TO ACCOMPLISH hIS WILL i FIND WHEN rANDY IS OUT OF THE WAY THE LlORD WILL USE ME, NOT TO HAVE ANY OPINION BUT PRAY FOR DISEARNMENT AND THE hOLY sPIRIT TO MOVE IN MY WORDS AND ACTIONS, CRITICAL PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND THIS AND i PRAY TO HAVE THICKER SKIN WHEN THEY CRITICISE WE OBEY THE LORD THEY CAN TAKE IT UP WITH OUR BOSS IF WE ARE LED BY THE sPIRIT OF gOD WE KNOW WE ARE HHHHIS IT SO GOOD TO BE AROUND SOLID BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE HAVE THEM TO ENCOURAGE US WHEN OTHERS CRITICISE WHAT THE LORD WANTS.

  2. No reason to be in Christ if I cannot drink of his Goodness and Mercy. Wherever I am. The good stuff is indeed served @Victory! Scripture calls us to drink, if we don’t get filled with what God has, then what’s the point? I get ‘High'(on him) but he is Mighty to transform me with his Love!

  3. The Holy Spirit will always lead us into places our flesh does not want to go. The only question is when He asks you to step out and depart from the familiar into the new will you be willing to embrace that cross? I for one am glad that you have abandoned yourself to the will of God Pastor Frank, Victory Fellowship is a much needed breath of fresh (from heaven) air!

  4. It is unfortunate that some believers have thought more highly of themselves than they ought to. They have forgot the example set by their Lord and Savior when he repeatedly came down to the level of the common man, to serve them, to wash their feet, to wash their wonded lives, and yes, give them drink from the well spring of living waters He carried and brought down to them like a humble water barer.

  5. Thank you for allowing us to be in a church where we can drink and let the Holyspirit have his way and we learn to let go and yield.:) with our hearts and not our minds! The Hebert’s

  6. Thank you Father in the name of Jesus for all the stuff that I am learning from you. How to drink, wanting to drink and changing me into you. Can’t go without you. Just want more and more of you. In your will not mine. Got to have your touch and filling and love, everything. Praise your Holy name. Thank you for Victory Fellowship Church. I love you with all my heart, mind, soul body and strength. Blessings Pastor Frank. I love your presence Jesus.

  7. I forgot to add something I love drinking from His Fountain of the river. So refreshingly and Awesome praise ONLY HIM.

  8. Revelations 15:1-8. Reflect my fellow saints on where the living water of God flows from! Also my friends feast upon the words of our Lord Jesus Christ! Matthew 5:1-20. Once again my fellow saints listen to the wisdom of Jesus Christ! Matthew 22:1-14. Gods word is truly enlightening!

  9. Love the way you continually keep life in proper perspective. Thanks for keeping it real Pastor Frank. 🙂 Much respect and admiration.

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