Psa. 91:1 ¶ He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

God speaks to us, sometimes, in very strange ways. Last Sunday I glanced at an article in the Times Picayune that spoke about the “tree canopy” on the north shore. I didn’t think much about it until a little while later, I was walking down my street walking my dog when I looked up and saw how all of the old oak trees had grown together at the tops forming a canopy over my street. This caught my attention, obviously this canopy serves a purpose in life and also must contain a spiritual lesson, after all, that is what His creation is all about.
Obviously, the first purpose of this canopy is to provide shelter from the heat of the day. It is always several degrees cooler when you are walking under this protecting covering of trees. The Lord actually provided a canopy for the children of Israel to protect them from the heat of the day in their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. The canopy was the cloud of Glory, God Himself was their protection from the heat of the day.
Psa. 105:39 He spread a cloud for a covering,
And fire to give light in the night.
We are all traveling through the “heat of the day” so to speak in the dangerous world we live in. We can learn to live under the covering of His presence to shield us from this heat.
I looked up tree canopy on the internet and found this interesting definition on “WiseGeek”.

“The forest canopy is the uppermost layer of a forest, characterized by the crowns of the trees and a handful of emergent specimens with heights that shoot above the canopy. The canopy is critical to a forest’s well-being, and it provides habitat to a wide range of plants and animals. In fact, the canopy is so unique that some organisms spend their entire lives there, never venturing down to the ground.”

I love that. The canopy provides a different habitat and some creatures never leave the canopy !!! They have found a way of life in this alternate habitat. Wow! That will preach! There is a different spiritual habitat provided for us underneath the canopy of the Glory of God that He has provided for us. We can actually live our lives without ever leaving the canopy.
Have you become one of those spiritual creatures that never venture down to the ground? You see the canopy is not to just equip us to live better in the natural world, it is actually an alternate life and life style. We are breathing different air, we are eating different food, and we have a whole new support system provided for us in this alternate life. While the world is fussing, fighting, stealing, and living an immoral, drunken life; there is another world living in the upper regions. This world is inhabited with people who have tasted of another life and refuse to go back the world of earth dwellers. Look up to the canopy, maybe you will join the rest of us in this other world.

5 Replies to “LIFE IN THE CANOPY”

  1. Yes, this does preach, we know the difference between the forest floor and the forest canopy. The more we allow God to fill us with the Holy Spirit, and the more Holy Spirit we allow ours to be led by, the more canopy life we will experence. Thank you , Lord Jesus !!!

  2. All I have to say, Holy Spirit I love your Canopy. Let your rain Pour on me, in the name of Jesus. Wow. I love my Church. Blessings Pastor Frank.

  3. a child, I spent hours and hours at the top of a maple tree with one book or another…the tree was 4 doors down from my house and it was my refuge…

  4. Great example of how we are as the Church. in this world but not of it with providence from the Lord. He has always been a covering over his own. we may suffer but we still are under his covering, no matter what why or the world , The world dont love us, they think us strange we dont belong to them anymore, They hated a nd still do the Lord. so they really wont like us that much, id ruther be in Gods family than the insanity of this world under his covering, and let the world hate us, they have that obtion, In the end we all know who wins. and we are winning right now even when it looks dark the lord is with us, we still are victorius and he will fulfille all,

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