Psa. 66:1 ¶ Make a joyful shout to God, all the earth!

I never noticed the sadness in Christian music until August of 1994. It seems like most of it was melancholy (they called them songs of intimacy). Then there was the aggressive and angry songs (those were called warfare). Then there was the intense music (those were referred to as prophetic). The basic problem was this, worship music is intended to be worship. Real worship comes from a revelation of God. This brings us to the very atmosphere of heaven; heaven is the place of extreme, radical, overwhelming joy. Heaven is not angry, intense or melancholy, the very atmosphere of heaven is oozing joy. Joy suddenly became my litmus test for worship. If it wasn’t happy, God was probably not in it. Charles Spurgeon spoke about the need of joyful songs that flow from an exultant heart.

“Composers of tunes for the congregation should see to it that their airs are cheerful; we need not so much noise, as joyful noise. God is to be praised with the voice, and the heart should go therewith in holy exultation. All praise from all nations should be rendered unto the Lord. Happy the day when no shouts shall be presented to Juggernaut or Buddah , but all the earth shall adore the Creator thereof.”

John Trappe also spoke of the joyful noise in the house of God. David said it 3000 years ago. Spurgeon said it 150 years ago, and Trappe said it 400 years ago. Listen to John Trappe speak about the joyful noise.

“Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: Hebrew, all the earth; shout aloud for joy, as the people did at the return of the ark, so that the earth rang again. God shall show himself to be the God not of Jews only, but of Gentiles also; these shall as well cry Christ, as those Jesus; these say, Father, as those Abba. And, as there was great joy in Samaria when the gospel was there receive, so shall there be the like in all other parts of the earth.”

David Hall recently commented about how he saw Lady Gaga in the Sydney airport. He said everyone was going gaga over Gaga. The point is this, everyone is going to worship something, or better yet, rejoice in something. Some rejoice in Gaga, others in Brees, and still others exult in Spiderman, joy is the overflow of the love of our heart. What is the object of your love? What causes your heart to break out in a joyful noise? Our God is a jealous God and He wants our joyful praises. How can a person change what they love? Actually we can’t, that’s where the grace of God kicks in. All of us were once lost and following the foolish joys of this world until the day that we received light from heaven. God’s love shone into our hearts and we tasted a joy beyond compare. That revelation is the origin of the joyful noise. “Make a joyful shout to God, all the earth!”

7 Replies to “JOYFUL NOISE”

  1. Amen x 10! Worshiping God is what we are created for, anything less is simply a waste of time. I often wonder why the Lord gave me worshipers heart and no voice to match, I will ask Him about that when I see Him face to face. In the mean time I will simply forget anyone else is there and press into to His heart with my own non melodious melody.

  2. Im so glad to see this subject on here today, at our fellowship we are stuck with stuff in our music you would hear at a funeral, none of us enjoy it at all, the head music leader will not change ive told every body to love this person because we all have our own faults but we have to do something this individual controls all special songs and if its joyful than it isnt allowed, our worship team all quit last week because they are sick of playing funeral music we are a spirit filled body and we really want to praise the lord most there are Babtist that got filled with the Holy Spirit and many from the Assembilly of God background we have come together as one in one accord, We want to show respect but at the same time we want joy in our worship and the worship leader cant see this, we have humbelly shared with the person involved, The beleivers all want this changed they want more, im praying for the Lord to move on a stuberon heart no one left to do the worship just the worship leader, we will have to deal with this and none of us are looking forward to this, it has to be done prayer would be welcome that we can do it in love and understanding all aroound, dog gone it Bropther Frank you had to go and hit on this, just kidden! the lord put it on your heart and it is backing up something we have to deal with anyway good comformation to deal with this and real soon, the lord is still in our services we have good sound teaching our worship needs to change and I beleive the Lord it will very soon. you all have a blessed day in the Lord!

  3. I love to praise God, for He is worthy to be praised ! For He Himself is our blessing ! I truly love to reach out , in the Holy Spirit, and see God touch people He has placed in my day . I find great joy in telling others about the great love of God. And I found that the more exposure in the presence of God , the more boldness I walk in . I thank God for our extended praise services , I love to worship God !!!

  4. Isaiah 61:2-3. People need encouragement from Gods word when they grow weary because of the warfare! God has used me many times to lift the spirits of fellow saints up! Not with my words and actions but Gods! Ephesians 1:3. Isaiah 25:1. Luke 1:68-69. Hosea 14:1-2. Remember all the testimonies of yourselves and your fellow saints that God accomplished! Take Gods Word and run with it my friends!

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