Eph. 3:17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love,

I love that phrase, rooted and grounded in love. This love is more than a feeling, this is the love of God shed abroad in our hearts. This love is actually a person, the blessed Holy Spirit. The scriptures say that God is love. Just as Jesus is the Word of God, the Holy Spirit is the love of God. His love is life changing. In today’s verse, Paul is describing the vital life of a Christian. Just as Jesus spoke of abiding in the vine, Paul talks about letting our roots go deep down into the love of God. He is describing experiential Christianity, the kind that sustains us in this dangerous and difficult world.
A.B. Simpson gives an example of a tree with a strong root system able to withstand the storms. Check out his illustration.

“So the banyan tree grows. First its trunk and branches shoot up to heaven, and then the branches grow down into the ground and become rooted in the earth, and by and by there are a hundred branches interwoven and interlaced from the ground so that the storm and the winds cannot disturb it, and even the simoon (dry wind storm) of the Indian Ocean cannot tear it up. It is rooted and bound together by hundreds of interlacing roots and branches. And so when God saves a soul He plants one branch; but when He comes to fill and sanctify and help in your difficulties, each is another branch; and thus your life becomes rooted and bound to God by a hundred fibers, and all the power of hell cannot break that fellowship or separate you from His love.”

How exactly can I be rooted in the love of God? Daily fellowship with the Holy Spirit is what enables this “root system” to be developed in our lives. For me, praying with my heavenly language and worship is how I can become “rooted”. As I worship Him, or pray in the Spirit, I become aware of the presence of God. This manifest presence is the anointing. This is actually the atmosphere we were intended to live in which we lost at the fall of man. As this anointing increases in us and upon us, our roots are going down deep into the Lord. This is where perseverance, patience, and endurance are developed in our lives. We are becoming like the banyan tree that Simpson spoke of, the storms of life may blow but we are rooted deep into the love of God.
Living in Southeast Louisiana, we know about strong storms. When we experienced Katrina several years ago and, more recently Isaac, there were many trees that were blown down by the wind. Only the ones with strong root systems could sustain the storms. How is it with your root system? Are you rooted deeply into the love of God? Before the storms hit is the time to start growing. Today would be a great day to start, bask in His love, acknowledge and worship Him. As you drink in the rays of His presence, your roots will begin to go deep down into Him.

3 Replies to “ROOTED”

  1. Amen, Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit that I have found my first love, And always will be my First Love, till I return home like it was suppose to be. Hallelujah I’m back in my Fathers hands, what a LOVE. I love you. ;). Great word Pastor Frank, with Love.

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