1Th. 1:5-6 for our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction; just as you know what kind of men we proved to be among you for your sake. You also became imitators of us and of the Lord, having received the word in much tribulation with the joy of the Holy Spirit,

I am grateful to The Lord for the different men and women of God that have impacted my life over the years. One of these men that I speak of often is Dick Mills. His life and ministry had a profound influence on me. Brother Mills had an incredible two fold emphasis in his ministry, he was a picture of what it means to rely on the Word and the Spirit in our ministry. From my first memories of being in Brother Mills services, I remember the powerful teaching from the scripture always followed up by a demonstration of the Spirit through the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. I clearly remember Dick telling me about the importance of the Word and the Spirit and him telling me of how John Calvin had emphasized this and even coined the phrase “Word and Spirit”. Here is a quote from John Piper’s book “The Legacy of Sovereign Joy” as he spoke about Calvin’s emphasis of the Word and the Spirit.

“Here he wrestles with how we can come to a saving knowledge of God through the Scriptures. His answer is the famous phrase, “the internal testimony of the Holy Spirit.” For example, he says, “Scripture will ultimately suffice for a saving knowledge of God only when its certainty is founded upon the inward persuasion of the Holy Spirit”. So two things came together for Calvin to give him a “saving knowledge of God”—Scripture and the “inward persuasion of the Holy Spirit.” Neither alone suffices to save. But how does this actually work? What does the Spirit do? The answer is not that the Spirit gives us added revelation to what is in Scripture but that he awakens us, as from the dead, to see and taste the divine reality of God in Scripture, which authenticates it as God’s own Word. He says, “Our Heavenly Father, revealing his majesty [in Scripture], lifts reverence for Scripture beyond the realm of controversy”. There is the key for Calvin: The witness of God to Scripture is the immediate, unassailable, life-giving revelation to our minds of the majesty of God that is manifest in the Scriptures themselves. The “majesty of God” is the ground of our confidence in his Word.”

That is exactly what our world needs today, a return to an emphasis on the Majesty of God. Somehow, many of the modern day “christians” have lost their sense of majesty. Caught up in an emphasis of how The Lord helps us in the affairs of this life, majesty has become irrelevant. Only an awakening of our souls can restore this sense of majesty to our lives.

3 Replies to “WORD AND SPIRIT”

  1. The Word is life when breathed upon by the Spirit of God. Flip that coin, do every command and every aspect of the Word but without God’s Spirit and all you have is religious bondage.
    Thank God for the awesomeness of His Word, it is like finding new treasure every time it is read.
    Thank God for His beautiful Holy Spirit who reveals Christ, reveals the Father’s Love and give revelation into the Word

    2Co 3:6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

  2. I really like Brother Larrys responce today.The day is coming soon where every thing will be shaken that can be, The Lord doesnt want us fearfull but total relieence on Him, if we stay in the word and the holy spirit and led by it in all only by His love and strenth aqnd truth no matter what hazppens, The Lord will never forsake us in fact His people will come out of it all with much persecution and hardships but we will have His grace, He will be right there with us, The black horse is coming very soon to all our home towns, these days it all comes down to who is with the Lord, cant put our trust in anything else, we need His word in us powered by the Holy Spirit working in our lives, many will fall away but many will come to Him,Im so glad we have His word and we will be lead in all truth by the Holy Spirit, the Lord will be with us no matter what.Our finances may get whiped out, we may not get to eat as much as we like but his people will still be shineing their lites! as our brother here was dying, we all saw his spritual getting strong as the flesh was going, this had a huge ripple effect two came to the lord, all that took care of him were astonished, people that didnt even know this man heard about him, A dying brother went home in victory with love in his heart going home to be with the Lord! WE will have victory but only in our Lord and nothing else if the Lord tarries we will see the best days ahead in the Spirit, the old will be dying but the Spirit will be moving in His people.

  3. Meditate on James 1:21-27. Also read 1Timothy 6:1-14. Take these scriptures to heart! Let his words instill wisdom within your spirit,soul,and body! God bless you friends!

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