Psa. 95:1-2 ¶ O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.

There is no holiday quite like Thanksgiving. So far, it has been impossible for the world to steal it. Easter has the Easter bunny, Christmas has it’s Santa, but Thanksgiving? At the end of the day the thing left unsaid is crying for our attention. There has to be someone to be thankful to. To those of us who have been born again have come to understand that it is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who is to be the recipient of our thanks and our praise. Thanksgiving is a truly American holiday. It has been part of the conscience of America from our country’s inception. Jonathan Edwards preached a Thanksgiving message to his church every year. In 1740 he preached about singing a new song to The Lord. It was called “They Sing a New Song” In this message he preached about how this new song of praise and Thanksgiving comes from a heart that has been reconciled to God. Here is a short excerpt from that Thanksgiving sermon.

“In order to learn the new song, you must hear the melody of the voice of Christ in the gospel. You have heard that the glorious gospel is that out of which this song is to be learned, and that ’tis Christ that must teach it. And this is the way that he teaches it: by causing the soul to hear the melody of his own voice in the gospel.
‘Tis Christ that speaks to us in the gospel. Many hear his words, but they perceive no sweetness in them. They perceive no pleasantness in his voice, in the doctrines and invitations and promises of the gospel. ‘Tis all an insipid thing and dead letter to them. But to the godly, Christ’s mouth is found to be most sweet. You must perceive the sweetness of the voice. You must see the glory of those doctrines, and the sweetness of those invitations, and the exceeding preciousness of those promises.”

Before we came to Christ our hearts were not thankful. It seems that most of our time was spent wondering (or complaining) about why we didn’t have certain things that we wanted. Our hearts were not filled with thanksgiving and praise, they were obviously filled with something else. How can you worship God when your heart is polluted? How can you be thankful when we are poisoned with ungratefulness? How can we sing a new song when we are consumed with the song of this world? Yep, Thanksgiving is not only an American holiday, it is a Christian holiday. Since The Lord has washed us from our sins, filled us with His love, and baptized us in His Spirit; what else can we do? Our hearts are filled with thanksgiving. He has blessed us. Not only with the blessings in this world, He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the love of His Son.


  1. Words cannot express my gratitude to the Father for His Love Jesus Christ.
    I am also thankful for a faithful Pastor who has eyes to see what many miss- the heart of God.

    Much love in Christ,
    your brother Larry

  2. ive missed you all for a few days due to doctors for my wife and all the tests that came back bad, this doesnt stop us from really enjoying this day at all, all our kin will show up ages a few mounts old to 90 years old, this year we all are gathering to see some maybe we wont get to see again and we all know it, so this year its a very special time for the scott clan there will be laughing and joy for those that know the Lord and vfdor those that dont they will have that opertunity If they want to know him, we make that opertunity every year, we have seen many family and friends come to the Lord over the years and have learned keep praying for their salvation Thankgiving is a great time to share his joy when we dweel on what He has done for us and now we have hope joy and looking forwardto what ever He has planned, Happy Thanksgiven love you all!

  3. Lord I give you Praise,Glory and Honor. To my King of Kings my Lord
    of Lords, Omega, Rock and Alpha. Thank you for a wonderful day in everything you do for me. I love you with all my heart,soul, mind, body and strenghth. thank you for everything you are doing in my life to serve you.
    I yield to you everyday and you know my heart. Ha, you made it. I love you and serve you daily 24/7 every minute every second of my life and i want he whole world to know. Praise you thank you Holy Spirit, have agreat Thanksgiving Pastor Frank and Pastor Parris, Love you all.

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