Acts 26:12-13 ¶ “While so engaged as I was journeying to Damascus with the authority and commission of the chief priests, at midday, O King, I saw on the way a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, shining all around me and those who were journeying with me.

Paul loved to tell his story. Here he is telling King Agrippa about the day he first saw Jesus. Paul said the light shining out from Him was “brighter than the sun”. For three days Paul couldn’t see anything in the physical world; but he could see. He was in touch with the invisible world of the Spirit for the first time. His spiritual eyes had been opened by the radiance of God’s Glory that always shines from the Face of Jesus Christ. He was now seeing his whole world from a different perspective. He was viewing all things in the light of the Glory of The Lord. Here is a quote from Jonathan Edwards’ message on “Christ Our Spiritual Sun”.

“There is no one thing so extensively pleasant and beneficial in the natural world as the influence or beams of the sun. Herein is an image of the great benefit of the beams of the spiritual Sun to all that believe on him. They are exceeding beneficial to them many ways: Hereby their souls are enlightened and divine things are discovered to them. The conversion of one that is brought to believe savingly on the Lord Jesus Christ is like the dawning of the day, {the} first shining of the light of the Sun in a soul that before was filled with the greatest darkness. Now divine things are discovered and made manifest that before were totally hid and covered as with a thick veil of darkness. Now things are seen as they be, in their proper forms and colors, in their true situations and relations. Now many glorious objects are discovered. When the Sun rises in the heart, then the Sun of righteousness, the most glorious object of all, is seen by its own light.”

I often walk my dogs in a nearby park early in the morning before the sun comes up. The park looks different in the dark. But inevitably, the sun comes up. Immediately, as the sun peeks over the horizon, the park is flooded with light. In those few moments everything changes. Instead of a scary walk in the dark wondering what may be lurking in the shadows, now everything is clearly seen. The squirrels are rushing about, the ducks come alive and begin to fly all around, and the beauty of the oak trees replace the haunting shadows of the darkness.
That is what happens when we first glimpse the light found in Christ. We see Him for the first time and recognize the power and beauty that flow out from Him. But then, something amazing happens, we see the whole world from a different perspective. We not only see Jesus as a result of His glorious radiance, we see our life and everything in it bathed in the light, this changes everything.

4 Replies to “LIGHT OF THE SON”

  1. Restrained by the darkness, abandoned to fear poisoned by words, smothered with fear. Twilight conceled the radiant truth of the beauty that shinned beyond, time held captive by despair, as death reigned within my soul.In the blackest night of hope, heaven whispered my name, eternity sighed and sparked my soul with a tender ardent flame. Sunrise blazed within my heart and birthed a dawn inside, my precfious Savior awakened me commanding my spirit to arise! The scorching love of a holy gaze, the fire of true love, ignites my soul with boundless joy…laughter from above.Oh my King I dwell in thee and yearn to know you more, at Your feet I serve, I give…my life to You I pour.Oh how I bask in the warm love of Christ and drink of His glorious rays…seeking the Dayspring, the Light of the world, hungry to know His ways…Yes and AMEN Pastor Frank! It is as you teach and preach-one glimpse of Him and you will NEVER be the same HALLELUJAH! Thank you for leading us to the well!!God’s blessings to you and Pastor Parris!

  2. Like Paul many of us had to become blind to learn to truly see. Thank God for spiritual revelation that opens the eyes of our hearts!

  3. yes indeed! when we all see Jesus for the first time and are unblinded by him, everything changes I have at times been amazed why people cant see, they cant see because many refuse to come to the Light of the World and the universe but those that do come They see, cant come unless they believe, then they see we have to beleive in Him then he opens our eyes, before I kn ew the Lord I thought alot of stuff about God that wasnt so, I was blind to beleive in being good would maybe get me to God or good works take little old ladys accross the street give to charitys ect ect. when I heard the gospel I relised I was a sinner and Jesus already paid for our sins and I confessed I was a sinner and excepted Him as Lord and savior, over the years ive had to make Him more my LordHe wants to be Lord of all in our lives and everything concerning us and if we allow Him to do this we will never be blind or fooled His Love will substain us.

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