Acts 2:14 ¶ But Peter, standing up with the eleven, raised his voice and said to them, “Men of Judea and all who dwell in Jerusalem, let this be known to you, and heed my words.

I’ll never forget my first experience of public speaking. I was asked to give my testimony at a service at our Bible School. Just as the service started I had to make a run for the men’s room, I was so scared I lost my supper. I was so consumed with my own inadequacies that I was unaware of the Spirit’s help in public speaking. Even though I still get scared before speaking publicly (almost 40 years later) I have learned about the supernatural help that comes when we speak out to glorify The Lord.
I love today’s scripture verse. If you do a word study, you will make an amazing discovery. The word translated “said” in this verse is a greek word that describes elevated discourse. It is describing supernatural preaching. The same word is used to describe speaking in tongues in verse 4 of this chapter. Just as speaking in other tongues is supernatural in nature, Peter is preaching by divine enablement. This is supernatural preaching. Peter is actually yielding to the outpoured anointing and is preaching by the Spirit rather than just from his intellect. This supernatural preaching is a powerful tool used by God in transforming the lives of the hearers. Here is something Arthur Wallis said about supernatural preaching.

“But Peter . . . lifted up his voice, and spake forth unto them” (Acts 2:14). When we speak of “apostolic preaching,” we do not mean that of apostles only but the kind of preaching that was characteristic of that first century—and of revivals down through the years. Although many souls are saved in revival apart from preaching, such times have nearly always been characterized by the powerful proclamation of the truth. Sometimes the outpouring has come through such preaching; at other times, as here, the preaching has come through the outpouring. There is a rugged grandeur about the apostolic preacher which recalls the fearless prophet of Old Testament days. They were clothed with the same power and impelled by the same boldness, for their torches were lit from the same holy fire. Neither was popular, but both were mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. “When a prophet is accepted and deified, his message is lost. The prophet is only useful so long as he is stoned as a public nuisance calling us to repentance, disturbing our comfortable routines, breaking our respectable idols, shattering our sacred conventions.” Of such a character was the apostolic preacher. Peter’s “address on this occasion reveals all the main features of apostolic gospel preaching.”

Maybe our “christian” culture is getting tired of its slick empowerment slogans called preaching. At some point the tide of modern day “christianity” will have to turn. As we see that slick professional “talks” instructing us on the next “revelation” on how to improve your life can never touch our God starved souls, there will be a growing hunger for the real. That hunger will bring a spiritual demand and heaven will respond with a new generation of firebrands that cannot remain silent because the word of God is like a fire shut up in their bones.


  1. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Let your will be done Lord…my King. Thank you for your Spirit and amazing gifts. No one can fake the real I AM presence of you. I am so in LOVE with you. Wow..I boast in you, the living I AM… Blessings Pastor Frank… Have your way Holy Spirit.

  2. I praise you God for your mercy! In Jesus Christ’s name! Don’t lose heart when you fall into sin my friends! Repent to Jesus Christ and then move on to the next challenge! Acts 2:37-38,3:19,8:22. God is still my best friend even though sin comes against our friendship! God bless you family! I say to you my foe
    give Jesus Christ and his way of life a try!

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