Salvation is an interesting phenomenon. The people he chooses for certain tasks is quite amazing and seems, to the natural mind, to be quite random. The Lord has a plan, He always has a plan. He chose the angry Pharisee to open Europe to the gospel and to write the New Testament. He chose the young shepherd to be a king, He chose a common fisherman to lead His apostolic band and usher in the Pentecostal harvest. He chose a stutterer to lead His people out of Egypt, yep, His ways are not our ways. Then there was a young, confused college student by the name of George Whitefield chosen to be the leading voice in the great Eighteenth Century awakening. Whitefield had a stunning conversion while in college and was almost immediately God’s mouth piece to shake Europe and North America. Here is an excerpt from George Dalimore’s book on Whitefield.

“But now, when he had come to an end of all human resources, when there was nothing else that he could do to seek salvation, God revealed Himself in grace, and granted him that which he had found could never be granted him that which could never be earned. Somehow, we know not exactly how; somewhere, perhaps in his room, or more likely, in one of the secluded Oxford walks, in a sense of utter desperation, in rejection of all self-trust, he cast his soul on the mercy of God above, assured him he would not be cast out. He testified of this experience,

‘God was pleased to removed the heavy load, to enable me to lay hold of His dear son by a living faith, and by giving me the Spirit of adoption, to seal me even to the day of everlasting redemption.

O! With what joy – joy unspeakable – even joy that was full of and big with glory, was my soul filled, when the weight of sin went off, big and an abiding sense of the pardoning love of God, and a full assurance of faith, broke in upon my disconsolate soul! Surely it was the day of mine espousals – a day to be had in everlasting remembrance! At first my joys were like a spring tide, and overflowed the banks!'”

Shortly after his conversion Whitefield was asked to preach in the church he had attended as a boy. It was said that twelve people were “driven mad” by his message, the kind of madness that comes from the touch of God. From the first days of his ministry there was a revival anointing on his life. Revival was breaking out every where he preached, surely The Lord had a plan for His young convert.
That brings us to you and to me. The Lord has a plan for you. His plan is all connected to your conversion. That’s why Peter said to “make our calling and election sure”. We have to allow The Lord to deepen His work in our lives, as we do, His plans come to the forefront in our lives. As you press into God, His purposes for your life become clear, get ready, something good is about to break out in and through your life.

2 Replies to “SAVED”

  1. Lord, your purpose is my purpose. Your love is my love. Your joy is my joy. Your strength is my strength. Your everything is my everything. As I press into you daily, Lord, show me mire of you. Thank you LORD for your Salvation. I yield my heart is yours. My everything is yours. Move me Holy Spirit. Blessings Pastor Frank, with lots of Love.

  2. Amen brother.

    It seems that when we reach the end of ourselves God is found there waiting. Only then does He get the glory, only then will we find a genuine move of His Spirit. Thank You God, for I see His hand bringing this nation to the end of herself.

    Much love in Christ,
    your brother Larry.

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