John 8:11 ¶ She said, “No one, Lord.” ¶ And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

What a powerful demonstration of total forgiveness with an expectation of holiness. Only Jesus and the message of salvation by grace alone can encompass the diversity of grace and holiness seen in the gospel of Jesus Christ. There has been a recent emphasis on the so called “grace message”. It has become quite popular and the promoters of this message have been trending in the past year. What has been deemed the “grace message” is really just a rehashed version of what has been historically called antinomianism. The teachers who have popularized this message have focused on the forgiveness part but have steered clear of the go and sin no more part. Preaching only part of the truth is dangerous. It brings the hearers into a false since of security and actually inoculates them from receiving the truth. You see, the woman in this story came face to face with grace and holiness. The Lord is a God with endless mercy and total and complete holiness. These two characteristics at first glance are perceived as enemies but they meet and kiss at a place called Calvary. When we hear the biblical version of justification by grace through faith not only is there a forgiveness of our past sin, there is a joyful connection to Christ Himself and the purity and holiness that comes with that new life. Matthew Poole had some incite into this passage.

“Sin no more; whatever becometh of thee as to man’ s judgment, thou hast reason to fear the greater judgment of God, if thou goest on in a course of sin. Nor doth he say, Commit adultery no more; but, sin no more. No partial repentance or sorrow for any particular sin will suffice a penitent that hopes for any mercy from God; but a leaving off all sin, of what kind soever it be.”

So have you drunk from this cup called grace? How can you know? Well, there are two critical indications that you have tasted of His grace. First, your sense of guilt is gone. Your sins have been forgiven. The shame and darkness have been removed from your soul. You have been made righteous by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. The second indication is quite profound. Your heart has been changed. You no longer have the itch to live a sinful life. Your heart is being drawn to other things. Instead of a life being lived in the shadows, you have stepped into the blazing light of His glorious day. Now you know what it means to go and sin no more. Sin is no longer the main attraction in your life.
I love the profound simplicity found in the message of the gospel. His willingness to forgive is a stumbling block to the legalists; His call to holiness is offensive to the promoters of this message of cheap grace. To those who are being saved, it is the sweetest song of all, it is the song of His Amazing Grace.

5 Replies to “SIN NO MORE”

  1. Just a few thoughts if I may-

    For the believer. conviction is from the Holy Spirit, guilt and condemnation are not.

    I suppose it is the fallen nature to take grace (and every other) doctrine to the extreme one way or the other. The power of God’s grace should not be under-estimated, nor should it be abused.

    That being said,while I have never really met a man who truly understood grace and still defended his “right’ to live sinfully, but I suppose one can be sure they exist.
    Perhaps that is why Jesus taught us not to look at the surface but instead examine the fruit of a life. If that one is filled with, and walking in the Spirit, then good and godly fruits will be demonstrated.
    I am saved by grace through faith, I have the leading and power of the Spirit of God Himself to take me on this journey. These things save and keep me and are indeed the manifestation of His grace in my life.
    Yes, I do stumble, but there is conviction and the power to walk away from such error, this is also is grace.
    Grace then, gives no license to sin but freedom and forgiveness from sin.
    Personally, I also believe the ability not to condemn one still struggling, to love when others will not, also flow from this great grace.
    Thank God we as believers can worship our Lord with our lives, both in spirit and truth.

    Much love in Christ,
    your brother Larry.

  2. I say Hallelujah Pastor Frank. Big difference when the Lord steps in your life, Thank you Holy Spirit my teacher my everything my guider.
    He takes away all that bad stuff you use to do, and transforms you into your new coat. You donot want to sin anymore because your life is evidence that you have been changed,you have found the LOVE of your Life that you have been searching for all these years and you know that He has your life because you were changed in a blink of an eye. Thank you Daddy. As far as sinning I know what sin is and I know what truth is and I don’t want to let my Father down because He is Holy and He is making me like Him everyday, daily. But yes we all slip sometimes and we need to get up and ask for forgiveness right then and there. I acknowledge and talk to Him daily. And yeah I do know when I mess up because the Holy Spirit let’s me know. I would be driving my car going through the walmart parking lot and i would cut across the parking spaces ( lines), the Lord would say to me Kevin why did you do that? I said what? He said cut across those parking lines. I said i don’t know. He said you don’t live like the world anymore, stop following man’s wrong deeds.You do things right=righteous. He said I want you to go all the way to the end and turn like you are suppose to and park. I told the Lord ok. I asked for forgiveness. Don’t do that no more ;). My wife thinks I’m nuts but its ok she is not saved yet. She will be.ha. I have one more my wife and i liked this little hole in the wall restraunt called Park side cafe. They have the best cheese fries and hamburgers but it is a bar. I remember walking in there and ordering with my wife, sitting down at the table, waiting for our food. As I was sitting there the Lord said to me Kevin what are you doing in this bar? I said I’m getting ready to eat a hamburger. He Said to me Son you don’t belong in here you live for Me now, you are suppose to be an example of me, did I hang in those kind of places? I told Him no. He said to me if someone sees you walking out that door and sees you, it doesn’t look good. Your suppose to be obeying my commandments not sometimes but all the times and He said stay out of there. I haven’t been back since ;). My wife thinks I’m nuts. Ha. Thank you LORD for the correcting and cleaning up of my life for your Glory. Continue to work in me Lord. It’s all you and not me. The Holy Spirit lets you know when you are not doing right…you have to listen.Have a blessed day Pastor Frank. Wow Holy spirit.

  3. This reminds me when it is said there is sin that leads to death and there is sin that does not lead to death.I know when the lord has given us a renewed mind in an area that we had not been clearly informed of.Most of us are on the same path but being dealt with differently at some time.peters mind would never take the road of denying the lord again if he had never had the chance to do so.And much more being told he was going to do it before he did it.Jesus knew he did not know what he was choosing at the time because of trust issues.But once he empraced the love and forgiveness of a thing he swore he would not do and did it anyway it made it impossible to sin again.Now I guess if he would repeat that sin again this would be sin leading to death.There had been bad choices of escape from issues in my own life that I have chosen to take because of past hurts.But the lord has taken my perception a little higher now on things that have me to choose much better roads to take.This reminds me of that movie narnia 3 when that young boy gets pulled in with Edmond and Lucy.He was scared and made some pretty foolish choices bur over the course of his following you can see his heart being changed.

  4. And you must say that the young boy in that movie had to deny himself at times and go through those situations to get to where is heart desired but once he followed and got to where he wanted so desperately to be he realized he did not want to be there at home so much anymore.I love those c.s Lewis movies.

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