Psa. 16:11 You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Have you ever experienced God for yourself? Before you stop reading, I am not talking about just repeating a prayer or following some church formula for being a Christian, I am talking about experiencing the Almighty for yourself. Many people have an idea about God and even an idea about knowing Him, but really, is He real to you? Jonathan Edwards had been raised in church. His dad was a pastor and church was all he had known throughout his life. He had prepared and studied to enter the ministry himself and was pastoring a church when God came down in his life. Here is Edwards’ account of one of those first times the Lord began to reveal Himself to Edwards.

“Once as I rode out into the woods for my health in 1737, having alighted from my horse in a retired place, as my manner commonly has been, to walk for divine contemplation and prayer, I had a view, that for me was extraordinary, of the glory of the Son of God, as Mediator between God and man, and his wonderful, great, full, pure and sweet grace and love and meek, gentle condescension. This grace that appeared so calm and sweet appeared also great above the heavens. The person of Christ appeared ineffably excellent, with an excellency, great enough to swallow up all thought and conception—which continued, as near as I can judge, about an hour; which kept me the greater part of the time in a flood of tears, and weeping aloud.”

It seems Jonathan had a visitation in the woods. It was a God encounter that left him undone and effected the rest of his life dramatically. He could never just view the Lord or spiritual things as a technician any more. The Lord had become real to him and was now incredibly real in his life. His prayer life changed, his view of nature changed, his preaching changed. His whole world was being impacted by the reality of God in his soul.
So, I want to ask you again, have you experienced God for yourself? Is He just an idea that you have or are you really walking with Him on a daily basis. You see the Lord is not a religion, a philosophy, an errand boy or a code of ethics. He is a most awesome person. He is the GREAT I AM. He is all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent, and the sovereign God. The most incredible thing of all that He is, He is approachable. He longs for fellowship and intimacy with His sons and daughters.
Each one of us can have a God encounter like Jonathan Edwards had. It may happen when you are on a walk, or maybe reading your Bible, or worshipping in private or at church. It may even happen right now. Maybe that is what this devotion has been about, He is nearer than you can imagine, He is here right now.

2 Replies to “GOD CAME DOWN”

  1. Hallelujah, thank you for your JOY LORD.Yes, Yes and Yes. Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen. Thank you Lord, I am so in Love with you and I want the whole world to know, I’m not scared anymore, you raised Jesus up and you will raise me up higher than ever before. I am yours and yield to you, use me. Show me more of your amazing gifts as I seek you daily. Thank you for your Presence. Blessings Pastor Frank, with LOVE. If we have no love we are bankrupt. Praise Him who loves. (Psalm 24 )

  2. Sometimes we say to each other ‘God is there’. But in reality, God is here! Perhaps he is There when we don’t come into the fullness of his presence, or sometimes feel far awy from him due to a lack of faith.As we seek his presence,we can step into another realm,and be with him in an intimate way. It’s like sitting with a friend having a nice exchange of conversation and being filled instead of drained! Engaging, exchanging and exhorting one another.God is always as with me as I believe he is!

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