Col. 3:4 When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

What is the motivating force behind all of our actions? What is it that causes us to crawl out of bed every morning and begin another day? For the businessman, it may be the pursuit of another deal. The athlete is in pursuit of a crown. For the mom, it may be the joy that comes from the maturing and advancement of her child. The addict rises looking for his drug of choice trying to make it through another day. The student hits the ground running, hoping for that elusive grade that holds promise for the future. What is it that causes you to press on for another day? Is it just the pursuit of natural provision or accomplishment? If you are disillusioned even when you are able to snatch your goals in life then keep reading, I have some good news for you. Today’s scripture verse gives us a glimpse into this other motivating force, this other source and goal of life available to us in Christ. There is a tangible life, the RESURRECTION power of Jesus Christ that can become the source of our life, our joy, and all our actions. This is not a philosophy of man or an old wive’s tale. His power is tangible, available, and way more than any of us have ever imagined. It is the source behind world evangelism, the missionary serving in a strange land, the pastor in a sin hardened city, and the virgin keeping himself for his future spouse. Christ is our life. Here is a short quote by Charles Spurgeon on Christ our life.

“Paul’s marvelously rich expression indicates, that Christ is the source of our life. You hath he quickened who were dead in trespasses and sins. That same voice which brought Lazarus out of the tomb raised us to newness of life. He is now the substance of our spiritual life. It is by his life that we live; he is in us, the hope of glory, the spring of our actions, the central thought which moves every other thought. Christ is the sustenance of our life.”

So what drug you out of bed this morning? Was it fear, just hoping to keep your head above water, was it the pursuit of happiness in some earthly adventure, or have you found the spring of all life in the Lord? When we find Christ as our life, the pieces of our world begin to come together. We are no longer conflicted, having the different compartments of life; our work part, our family part, our religious part, and our fun part. Christ has become our life! He is our goal, our purpose, our message, our joy, our work, our rest, and our hope! We have found why we are alive, we have found our joy. Like Spurgeon said, He becomes the spring of all of our actions. So what or who got you out of bed this morning?

5 Replies to “WHAT GOT YOU OUT OF BED?”

  1. This reminds me when Paul said to be be being filled and we are never to neglet the comeing together to drink. And how in Mathew 25 we are not to be foolish and take no oil with our lamps. We are to be wise and take the oil in our vessels with our lamps. And how we should pray that our flight be not in the winter neither on the sabbath in Mathew 24:20. You are absolutely right this should be why we drag ourselves out of bed every morning. So many of us even though we are called are bound by this world. O how so important it is to wake up and put on our garments by praying in in the spirit to stay in the spirit. A tool given that gets swept under the rug like everything else that God gives to man to help. We are to busy trying to know instead of just adapting to our real creative being in Christ.Thank you again for the quickining.We should get out of bed expecting him to come.Blessed is the man that keeps watch.

  2. Amen and thanks Pastor.

    Good God, what a good Morning! OR

    What a morning, good God!

    The only difference is in the eye of the beholder- let us see grapes and not dwell on the giants as we enter the land of His promise.

  3. Jesus woke me up and said time to get in your Bible. Good morning Father,.Son and Holy Spirit. Whew, I love you. Hallelujah and Hallelujah. What a spring my Father is. Fill me up LORD daily till I overflow, WOW, Pastor Frank, awesome blog, Thank you Holy Spirit. I love my new coat…. I’m so in Love with you Jesus.Have a great day Pastor in our LORD,ha, what a Creator he is..

  4. One more. You will now when you have Him and He has you. The Spirit wakes me up every morning and says go get in your Bible and spend some time with me. And that’s what I do. I use to get up and say o, its just another day, but now ha all that has changed, thank you Lord. I walk in the light because of Him. all my days ahead of me is for Him. I follow His commands now, there is just something wonderful about Jesus, He loves us….change in a blink of an eye.

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