Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

We live in a dangerous world, we have to be careful to be vigilant, we have to stay alert. This truth came home to me on a mission trip to Russia in the early 1990’s. Parris and I led a team to the Ukraine and were spending our last night in Moscow before returning home. We were exhausted and somehow left our hotel room unlocked (strange that the doors didn’t lock automatically). Early the next morning I was aroused out of a deep sleep to see someone walk out of the room closing the door behind them. They had taken my wallet with about four-hundred dollars in it. The scary thing is the wallet was just inches from my head. We were sleeping, unaware of the dangers that were all around us. Somehow that reminds me of our spiritual condition today. We have to stay alert. If we stay spiritually prepared we are safe, apathy is an invitation for trouble. Martin Luther spoke of the dangers in this fragile world.

“Our situation is similar to travelers who stay at an inn where they find out that everyone in the place is a robber. If they had to stay there, they would arm themselves in the best possible way and probably wouldn’t get much sleep. In the same way, we now live on this earth, where the evil spirit is the prince. He controls the hearts of the people under his power, and he does whatever he wants through them. This is a horrible situation if viewed correctly. So Peter warns us to be alert. He wants us to be like faithful servants who are aware of what is really happening. Therefore, he says, “Be self-controlled.” For those who eat and drink too much are like stuffed pigs that are good for nothing. Therefore, we must keep this treasure with us at all times. “Be alert,” he says, not only spiritually, but physically. For lazy people who like to sleep won’t be able to resist the devil after they have gorged themselves and drunk their fill. After all, it’s hard enough for those who have faith and the Spirit to resist the devil.”

The strangest thing about the robbery in Russia was that there were government officials with an open office on each floor stationed next to the elevator. I think maybe the thief was actually in charge. Our mistake was a false sense of security, apathy put us in a vulnerable position.
I think Luther’s comment about overeating and “stuffed pigs” is quite interesting. I think his point is this, overeating is just a picture of someone who has become spiritually lazy and is indulging in the pleasures of this world at the expense of spiritual preparedness. We actually live in a war zone. Like any war, there are casualties. Peter recognized this and told us to stay “self controlled and alert”, your life depends on it.


  1. Goodness I needed that!!! Thank You for Today’s Message. It’s All too True!!! Yes it’s very easy to get wounded and overtaken on the Battlefield. Anger, fear, depression, frustration, moving too fast — not waiting until His will is clear, and legions of other human conditions and wilfulness lead to overwhelming pitfalls. I’m counting on the Cross to cleanse it All. “Oh Precious is the Flow that makes me White as Snow. No other Fount I Know, Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.”

  2. Is your All on the Altar??? By Faith — Pray, Press-in, Believe!!! Never-doubting, ask for His sanctification.

  3. WOW, THAT IS REALLY A MOUTH FULL PASTOR FRANK BUT IT IS THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS WORLD. Thank you for the reminder. I have gotten to a point that when I walk out the door with my family I pray over my family for protection and guidance and safety. I plead the blood of Jesus every morning my life leaves to go to work and feed the horses. We are safe, thanks to Jesus protection over us everyday. I seek Him and acknowledge Him daily. Even as I walk I talk to Him, wherever I go.
    I can remember I was at the barn one day with my wife and I was about to head over to the round pin where she was about to workout her stud horse . I was going to walk over there and see how she was doing and the next thing I noticed a nudge from The Holy Spirit. He told me not to go over there because there was alot of thugs over there cursing and doing bad things About 5 or 6 of them. So I stayed away and observed from a distance, don’t know what would have happened but very cautious now I listen and observe what the Spirit says, thank you Lord for opening my eyes and my Spiritual ears. I know Jesus had my wife. We can never let our shields down always be ready and be cautious of boundaries. The Spirit will let me know. It’s amazing. I always walk with my armor on, my breastplate, shield and sword. There is a huge war going on right now. You know the funny thing about it is people can watch these shows on t.v. with all kind of battles going on, when its right here in life. The enemy knows not to come around here, we have the ALMIGHTY ONE HERE. HA. I speak JESUS, THANK YOU LORD. Blessings Pastor Frank, with love.

  4. Whew, had to say this to. How Powerful we are with HIM WHO LIVES IN US. HALLELUJAH….. :):):):):):):):):):), KNOCK THE ENEMY DOWN, WITH JESUS MY EVERYTHING.

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