Psa. 68:18 You have ascended on high,
You have led captivity captive;
You have received gifts among men,
Even from the rebellious,
That the LORD God might dwell there.

Many are not aware of the slavery, the captivity, we are born into. We are part of a fallen race, our souls have been ensnared by the power of sin. This sin took root and reveals itself at the center of our being, our will. Our very free will, given to us by God, became enslaved by the power of sin. In our hearts we still know right from wrong but often find ourselves making wrong, ultimately destructive decisions. These bad choices are rooted in our desire for happiness or pleasure. Our sinful lives and lifestyles keep us under the influence of the prince of the power of the air. The redemption we find through the blood of Christ liberates us from the shackles of sin. We are finally free through the power of God. In today’s verse, Paul reminds us of the ultimate price of sin, separation from God. When Christ rose from the dead, He liberated all the souls from the Old Testament that had died in faith, those looking to God’s future promise of redemption. Before Christ, the Old Testament believers were in sort of a holding tank, Abraham’s Bosom, waiting for the day of redemption. After Christ rose from the dead, the Old Testament saints were liberated from Sheol (Abraham’s Bosom). Those of us living during this New Testament season experience the benefits in this life. Our will is liberated by the power of His love, we are free now to pursue pleasure in God. Here is a quote by John Newton, author of Amazing Grace, that speaks about captivity itself being captured.

“Thou hast led captivity captive. The expression is emphatic. He has conquered and triumphed over all the powers which held us in captivity, so that captivity itself is taken captive. The spirit and force of it is destroyed; and his people, when released by him, and walking in his ways, have no more to apprehend from those whose captives they were, than a conqueror has to fear from a prisoner in chains. The energy of the phrase is not unlike that of the apostle: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”

The enemy controlled our lives in the past by the power of sin. Now that sin has lost it’s grip on our lives, Satan has also lost control. Captivity is now captive! We are no longer slaves! Our past sins have not only been forgiven, we are no longer bound by the power of that sin. The controlling power of sin is its promise of pleasure. We have found another pleasure. We have found pleasure in Christ Himself. Today, you can make right choices. Your will no longer has to be controlled by the promise of sinful pleasure. We have found a higher pleasure. Jesus has set captivity captive, He is giving gifts to men.


  1. Hallelujah, to our KING. I have been truly captured by the amazing I Am, my Lord, my Rock, my Everything.
    Thank you Lord, its really amazing to me from my experience how He does what He does. JESUS, O HOW I LOVE THAT NAME.
    When I gave my life to Him on 2-14-02. Just so unique and amazing how He deweed me from the bad weeds (people) and placed me in the finest garden of (people) that I could ever ask for. Wow. I’m lost for words, and ask myself everyday, how did you do that. From my phone texting ugly words to speaking Jesus. Sending and texting scriptures of the Bible to my Brothers and Sister every morning. From listening to man made music with all kinds of terrible lyrics, to Klove all Christian music and nothing else. From drug using friends, to my Family at Church, You Pastor Frank, Pastor Zach, your wives, Alonzo, Vince, wow everyone there. From going out on Friday nights to do sinful stuff, and I mean bad, to going to Friday night home groups with my true Brothers and Sisters that love me and care for me and pray for me. Going from nothing in my yard to going up with a huge CROSS in front of my yard, so everyone can see it, by the way, I didnt know how to build it, but I had a Helper that helped me build it, thank you Holy Spirit, it came out PERFECT. Went from getting up every morning and just living and being bored, to waking up telling My Father, My Lord and Holy Spirit good morning, I love you. There is an amazing I Am who has captured me, don’t know where He wants me to go, but we are working on that through Prayer, I Love Him, I admire Him, I seek Him everyday, if I don’t tell Him I love Him, 25 times a day, that’s still not enough. I thank Him every morning all day, I walk with Him all day, everyday. I eat with Him all day, everyday. I speak in tongues with Him all day, everyday. I live for Him all day, everyday . He is my Lord and knows my Heart, and what a ride it is going to be. Thank you Lord for your gifts, your Grace and Mercy that you have scooped me up into your arms from this sinful world that I donot desire to live for anymore, because of You. It’s amazing how You have stolen my heart all for you. Thank you Holy Spirit, my Helper. O and by the way, I can remember when I used to want to own a night club to make a living, ha, now I want a Church. Thank you Dad. Have an awesome day, the Holy Spirit is something else. Hallelujah, love you Pastor, you are in my prayers, just like Paul and all my Brothers in the Bible. Thank you Jesus for your wonderful life, show me more. I havefound Higher pleasure, awesome blog. Jesus makes all things new. I am proof of that, no credit here, all His doing. :):):):):)

  2. Lead me, Guide me, along Life’s way. Thou art the Potter, I am the Clay. Thank You Lord for Your Amazing Grace and for Your Victory over Sin and Death. Lord You Reign!!! Thank You Lord for Saving Our Souls, We are Precious in Your Sight!!! Trusting and Believing that Our Names are Written in Your Lamb’s Book of Life. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah, Amen — Thank You Lord for Your Awesome Redemption and Resurrection — this is the True Gift of Life!!!

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