Psa. 14:1 ¶ The fool has said in his heart,
“There is no God.”
They are corrupt,
They have done abominable works,
There is none who does good.

Creation is enough evidence to prove to us the existence of God. His handiwork is everywhere. We see His creativity in the beautiful flowers of the field. We see His wisdom and intellect in the creation of the human brain. His eternal characteristics and power are clearly seen in the apparent infinite nature of the universe. His creativity is beyond words. He invented light and our eyes to see it; He invented sound and ears to hear it. He is the originator of music and gave us voices to sing. He created animals and sea creatures, birds of the air and insects, He even formed the dinosaur and the mystery that surrounds them. Only the arrogance of man could deny the existence of a Creator. Martin Luther touches on these things in his comments about our Creator.

“The reason and wisdom of man may go so far as to reach the conclusion, although feebly, that there must be one eternal divine being, who has created and who preserves and governs all things. Man sees such a beautiful and wonderful creation in the heavens and on the earth, one so wonderfully, regularly and securely preserved and ordered, that he must say: It is impossible that this came into existence by mere chance, or that it originated and controls itself; there must have been a Creator and Lord from whom all these things proceed and by whom they are governed. Thus God may be known by his creatures, as St. Paul says: “For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity.” Rom 1, 20. This is the knowledge that we have when we contemplate God from without, in his works and government; as one, looking upon a castle or house from without, would draw conclusions as to its lord or keeper.”

This amazing God is also the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Christ we see the greatest revelation of our Father God. Jesus went so far as to say that if you had seen Him you had seen the Father. How can we see the Father in Christ? We see His love for the sick as He opens the eyes of the blind and causes the lame to leap for joy. We see His compassion for the hungry as He multiplies the fish and the loaves. His hatred for darkness is clearly seen when He drives out the demons with a word. The greatest glimpse of our Father’s love for us is in the death of His Son. Christ Jesus died to save sinners. He died for people like you and me. This incredible God has gone to great extremes to reveal Himself to us. Only pride can blind our eyes. The pure in heart will see God.


  1. His creative hands are awesome amazing and unique. THANK YOU Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It amazes me the way He formed us and made us from our Mother’s womb and then from a small little infant to a big human being, how we grow. He is just so amazing, our hearts beat daily to live and stay alive as we breath His oxygen through our nose . How everything works in our body on a timely matters. How He gives us energy. The way we balance our selves when we walk, thank you Lord for gravity. HE IS JUST SO UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND. THERE IS NO OTHER. HALLELUJAH, TO THE FATHER, JESUS AND HOLY SPIRIT. with love Pastor Frank, I could go on forever of all the wonderful things He has done, made, shown, hear, breathed, created, its all His Glory. What a Creator…;) Blessings.

  2. and even He has given the gift of faith for us to hopefully have a pure heart to “see” Him…. The Love of God is the provision we embrace to approach His gracious throne without fear….we call Him our own and He smiles as we are accepted in the Beloved …..what a blessed family we are !

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