John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—

I love this passage of scripture. Jesus spoke about the Holy Spirit and called Him allos paracletos. This is a very descriptive phrase, actually Jesus was saying the Holy Spirit would be just like Him. The word translated another in this verse is the greek word allos. It means another but exactly like the other. In other words the Holy Spirit would be another Helper just like Jesus. William Barclay shared some powerful insight about the word paracletos in his word study book. Check this out.

“(i)The word parakletos always means someone called into help and to render some service; therefore the Holy Spirit is essentially the helper of men.”

The Holy Spirit is a supernatural person. His function is to help us live this Christian life.

“(ii) The word parakletos has a great Septuagint background of that kind of comfort and consolidation in distress which keeps a man on his feet, when, left to himself, he would collapse. It is the comfort which enables a man to pass the breaking-point and not to break.”

The Holy Spirit comes to strengthen us when life’s circumstances are too much for us. Many times we face tragic circumstances which seem too much to bear. The Holy Spirit gives us the fortitude to stand up in the midst of these seemingly impossible storms.

“(iii) The word parakletos a great background in Greek law. The parakletos was the prisoner’s friend, the advocate and counsel for the defense, the man who bore witness to his friend’s character when he most needed it, and when others wished to condemn him; therefore when we describe the glorified Christ as our parakeets we mean that he is there to speak for us before God.”
Jesus is also referred to as our paracletos in 1John. He is our heavenly representative before the Father. The Father accepts Christ as my representative, He is always there to intercede for me.

“(iv) The word parakalein is the word for exhorting men to noble deeds and high thoughts; it is especially the word of courage before battle. Life is always calling us into battle and the one who makes us able to stand up to the opposing forces, to cope with life and to conquer life is the parakletos, the Holy Spirit, who is none other than the presence and the power of the risen Christ.”

The Holy Spirit is also our encourager. He fills our hearts with supernatural courage and boldness to represent The Lord in this life. The greatest example of this is the profound change we see in the Apostle Peter after he had been filled with the Holy Spirit. You would have to say Peter was turned into another man. Before Pentecost, he was ashamed and afraid. After he was baptized in the Holy Spirit, Peter took on a supernatural boldness as he preached the gospel in the streets of Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit fills us with courage to overcome the fears in this life.

One Reply to “PARACLETE”

  1. Thank you Jesus, for The Holy Ghost= Paraclete.
    Hallelujah and Hallelujah. It’s amazing to me how that boldness, courageous and energy comes from the Holy Spirit for you to fulfill what you need to get done through Him. What He wants you to do, but of course its the Almighty Himself working in us daily 24/7. I could remember when ii was afraid and shy and fearful. But now i know who III am in Christ with my Helper, the Holy Spirit and I can overcome anything with the help of Him.
    I am not afraid or ashamed of my Father’s words and will carry them to the ends of the earth all for Him and Jesus. I will shout Hallelujah to the King of Kings all the days of my life and then more,ha thank you Jesus. Awesome blog Pastor Frank, with lots of Love. We will live bold in our Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit. Have an awesome day in our Lord. 🙂

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