“‘They shall be abundantly satisfied with the abundance of Thy house; and Thou shall make them drink of the river of Thy pleasure’ Ps.36:8.

Satisfied; that is a really descriptive word. Could you describe your life as satisfied? Several individuals come to my mind when I think of satisfied. First, I think of the old prophet Simeon after he had prophesied over the infant Jesus and his parents. Next, my thoughts go to Mary of Bethany, she was satisfied or content at the Master’s feet. Then there is the Apostle Paul in prison in Rome, he had learned about contentment and satisfaction that sustained him in those long prison days. And of course, we have to mention King David. It wasn’t his conquests, his wealth, his power or even his wives that brought him satisfaction; it was basking in God’s glory in his tent tabernacle. David had discovered that “one thing” which is the secret of life. Here are some thoughts by F.E. Marsh on contentment found in the Lord.

“The word rendered abundantly satisfied (in today’s verse) means to give satisfaction, to satiate, and is variously used. The word is used of a ground soaked with blood (Isa. 34:7); of a mother who feeds to satisfier child with her breast (Prov. 5:19); of the rain which watereth the earth (Isa. 40:10); of God He is said to have satiated the weary soul (Jer. 31:25); and one made drunken (Lam. 3:15). Thus when the Lord promises to abundantly satisfy, it means to soak and drench the soul. What a commentary we have upon this in what is said of the early disciples; they said ‘these men are filled with new wine.’ Surely, too, there is some correspondence in the Lord’s Word, when He commands and says, ‘Be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess, but be filled (drunk) with the Spirit.’ As a man filled with spirits will do things he would never otherwise think of doing, so the Spirit-drenched believer is moved into the supernatural and accomplishes things beyond the human and is wonderfully and enthusiastically satisfied with Christ, so that sin and worldly pleasures have no charm and attraction.”

So my question comes to mind again, are you satisfied in life? You can be. It won’t come from your house, your possessions, your retirement plan, or from your vacations. It won’t even come from your kids or grandkids. Take it from David, “they shall be abundantly satisfied with the abundance of Your house…”

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