Psa. 2:4 ¶ He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.

I often think of some of the incredible services I have been blessed to be a part of over the years. One of those meetings comes to my mind as I reflect on the scripture verse for today, ‘He who’s sits in the heavens laughs…’. In one of those services a roar of laughter had broken out. It was the most incredible sound I had ever heard, an entire congregation roaring in laughter for extended periods of time. In that moment a thought crossed my mind, ‘This is the sound of heaven!’. That’s it, heaven is a place of laughter and celebration; a place of unlimited, ceaseless joy that lasts forever. Then it hit me, this joy is supernatural, this is what Nehemiah called the ‘joy of the Lord’. Not only that, God Himself sits on His throne and laughs.

In today’s verse the Lord is actually laughing at His enemies. He is laughing at the enemies’ threats and lies. One of those lies is about your sins. The accuser of the church says that you will never stand before God because you are a sinner. What does the Lord say, ‘Your sins are forgiven for the sake of My Son’. Here is how Luther sees this verse.

“We must firmly believe that all the persecution, even that spiritual persecution which through Satan takes place in our hearts, occurs for the sake of Christ. For to believe in the forgiveness of sins through Christ is the highest article of our faith. And it is true that whoever believes this article has the forgiveness of sins. Therefore Satan tries so greatly to tear this faith from us. That man sins who listens to the thoughts with which Satan plagues us, that one should throw away the hope of the remission of sins. Let us, therefore, not follow the thoughts of our heart accusing us of sin and holding that the hope of the forgiveness of sins does not extend to us. But we should oppose him with great spirit and say: “You shall not sadden and frighten me at peace. I shall, therefore, laugh and not wail, as you wish it, as though I were alone and without a helper.”

So what is my response to the enemies’ lies? I think I will just join in the laughter. My sins are forgiven, the devil is a liar, Christ is my Mediator, and the Father sits on the throne and laughs.

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