2Cor. 5:11 ¶ Therefore, knowing the fear of the Lord, we persuade others. But what we are is known to God, and I hope it is known also to your conscience.

What you believe about God is important. Today, many are feeding wrong information about the Lord to whoever will listen. Rather than preaching the truth of God’s word we have conformed to the beliefs and the trends of our modern culture. Paul said it like this “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions”. Sounds like the tail may be wagging the dog. The fruit of this is the loss of the fear of God; everyone does what is right in their own eyes with no moral restraints. If God is just like Santa Claus there are no consequences to bad behavior. The problem is this, that message is wrong and living that way will bring destruction into people’s lives. Here is how Adam Clarke described it 300 years ago.
“Knowing therefore the fear of the Lord. As we know therefore what God requires of man, because we are favored with his own revelation, we persuade men to become Christians, and to labour to be acceptable to him, because they must all stand before the judgment seat; and if they receive not the grace of the Gospel here, they must there give up their accounts with sorrow and not with joy. In short, a man who is not saved from his sin in this life, will be separated from God and the glory of his power in the world to come. This is a powerful motive to persuade men to accept the salvation provided for them by Christ Jesus. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom; the terror of God confounds and overpowers the soul. We lead men to God through his fear and love, and with the fear of God the love of God is ever consistent…”
God is merciful but He is holy. He has provided a way out of our sinful lifestyles but we must follow Him. To refuse is to choose is destruction. To follow Him is to choose life evermore. Turn to the Lord, turn away from the culture of sin and immorality. His ways are higher than our ways and all His paths are ways of peace.

3 Replies to “FEAR OF THE LORD”

  1. How different I view the fear of the Lord now. Before salvation I used it to show how unfair God was in that He said He loves us yet we are to fear Him. All it took was one experience in His presence to straighten out my stinking thinking. It is not fear like terrifying fear but fear of just being before a totally awesome and all powerful God. Reverential fear might explain it and yet at the same time total peace and security! \o/

  2. Open those Bonnet Carre’ spillway of souls gates so that our and other churches who walk in the fear of the Lord can be multiplied time and time again.




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