Jesus therefore took the loaves.
John 6:11
I love the pictures painted in the gospels. What a masterpiece is painted by today’s short, simple verse; the little boy’s lunch in the hands of Jesus. This is the way Jesus works even today, we look to Him in our need and He wants to know what is in our hand. Recently I was reminded of a powerful lesson the Lord taught me as a young Christian. I was driving home after looking for a job after just arriving at Bible School when I randomly picked up a hitch hiker. As I shared Christ with this apparently homeless man the Lord kept telling me to give him my lunch. You see I had my lunch under my seat. But that was not the whole problem, I needed a job, I was out of money, and there was no more food at home. I remember giving this man my lunch in reluctance as he climbed out of my car. But here is the best part, when I got home there was a package waiting for me, loaded with groceries full of my favorites from my mom. What a great lesson, our provision is right there in front of us, that day it was in the form of my last lunch. Here are some thoughts from Watchman Nee on today’s verse.
“For most of His miracles, God makes use of material. Here Jesus accepts five loaves and two fishes. He might have turned stones to bread, but He did not. He chose instead to work with what was offered Him. “Bring them hither to me,” He said. What He does, He does through us. All miracles begin here, with my all in His hands. Keep my loaves to myself, and one man is fed. Give them up to Him, and shall I go hungry?

In a day of extreme national poverty, the prophet Malachi brought to Israel God’s answer to her problem. It was: bring the whole tithe into the storehouse—and see! It takes only a tiny stopper to close a very large bottle, so withholding from us its entire contents. And heaven is like that. Often for us there is no miracle simply because we give God nothing to work on. He asks only a very little—what we have! But He needs that.”
So there you have it, the miracle has been in your hand (or in your pocket) all along. It doesn’t take much, it only takes trusting in the Lord. After all, He has you in His hand.

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