Heb. 1:2 but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son…

History is just that, HIS STORY. The world was a far different place before Jesus appeared. He pierced the darkness that had dominated human history since the fall of man. He actually brought hope for all mankind into the world. No wonder the angels were singing. The shepherds encounter with the angelic choir kind of sums up everything. The darkness gave way to light, good news of great joy, today a Savior has been born in Bethlehem, the city of David. His birth, His life, and His death changed the world we live in. He introduced the kingdom of God by His sacrificial death and also promised the coming kingdom for all who believe. The kingdom is here now and yet to come, that is the irony of God’s kingdom. Here is how John Piper explains it.

“Christmas cut history into two ages: the age of promise and the age of fulfillment. So when Peter says in Acts 3:24, “All the prophets . . . proclaimed these days,” we see that he means “these last days”, in which God has spoken to us in his Son, the days from the first Christmas to the time of consummation yet to come. This is where we live. The already of fulfillment is massive—incarnation, crucifixion, atonement, propitiation, resurrection, ascension, heavenly reign, intercession, outpouring of the Holy Spirit, global missions, ingathering of the nations, church, New Testament Scriptures, prayer in Jesus’s name, joy unspeakable, and purchased certainty. But the not yet is real and wonderful and waiting for its time: the second coming, the resurrection of the dead, new and glorious bodies, the end of sinning, glorification, judgment on all unbelief, rewards, entrance into the Master’s joy, new heavens and new earth, Jesus present among his people face-to-face, no more misery, pleasures forevermore. Christmas split history. Foretastes of the future abound. Drink deeply on what he achieved for us. And be filled with hope for all that is coming.”
So while the world is distracted with their holiday drinks, join me as we drink from this cup of redemption. As we drink; we drink in forgiveness of sins, emotional and physical healing from all the pain in this world, recovery of stuff we lost, and restoration of broken relationships. Jesus, the Light of the World has come and overcome the darkness. This Christmas, celebrate all He has done in and for you, and rejoice in the hope of His coming kingdom.

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  1. John Piper say’s “the end of sinning”. My mind asks how is that possible. Is sinning connected to our fleshly bodies, and once it’s gone… To be unencumbered from the shadow of sin. Can you imagine your existence and everything around you without sin.

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