According to the power that worketh in us —Ephesians 3:20

Do you believe that you have the Lord actually living inside of you? I mean really, not just a philosophical or doctrinal belief, but the living Christ living powerfully within you. If you really have the Lord, the Creator of all things and the restorer of broken lives, in your life, I believe He effects every part of you. How could it be possible to have that kind of power in you and it not make a significant difference in every part of your life? He effects your intelligence because He is the wisdom of God. He effects your conscience because He is the High Priest who forgives all of our sins. He effects your health because He is the very source of all life and the healing power of God. Your emotional condition is absolutely transformed because He is the Wonderful Counselor. Our ineptness and lack of power is totally transformed because He is the very power of God. He absolutely changes everything when He lives in our hearts. Here are some thoughts from A.B. Simpson on today’s verse.

“When we reach the place of union with God through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we come into the inheritance of external blessing and enter upon the land of our possession. Then our health and physical strength come to us through the power of our interior life. Then the prayer is fulfilled that we shall be in health and prosper as our soul prospers. Then, with the kingdom of God and His righteousness within us all things are added unto us. God’s external working always keeps pace with the power that works in us. When God is enthroned in a human soul, the devil and the world soon find it out. We do not need to advertise our power. Jesus could not be hid, and a soul filled with divine power and purity should become the center of attraction to hungry hearts and Suffering lives.

Let us receive Him and recognize Him in His indwelling glory, and then will we appropriate all that it means for our life in all its fullness.”
So let me ask you again, is Jesus in your life? He is bigger and more dynamic than we can ever know. Our world is changed in proportion, or as today’s scripture says, “according to the power that works within us”. If Christ is in you, then you are more than a match for whatever challenges you are facing in life.


  1. Mark 6:5 comes to mind. It has nothing to do with God’s/Jesus’ inability but all to do with our unbelief. Which of course leads me to Mark 9: 23-25! Yes’m lord, help our unbelief!!!

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