1Cor. 2:10 ¶ these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.

We were created to know God and to glorify God by the pleasure and life He brings to us. We are blind to Him and His love (actually thinking we can see) until we actually do see. It’s in knowing Him and seeing Him in all things that we begin to touch the wisdom of God. His love and beauty surround us constantly, yet too often we are distracted by the insignificant and not fixated on His beauty. Then it happens, you hear His voice in the singing of the birds, you see His artwork as He paints the sky on a daily basis, and you see the glory of redemption as He brings humans out of their misery into a place of recovery and life. What could be happening to you? You are touching the edge of the wisdom of God. As you press in, you will find yourself swallowed up in the ocean called the wisdom of God. Here is how Adam Clarke describes it.

“Yea, the deep things of God. It is only the Spirit of God which can reveal the counsels of God: these are the purposes which have existed in His infinite wisdom and goodness from eternity; and particularly what refers to creation, providence, redemption, and eternal glory, as far as men and angels are concerned in these purposes. The apostles were so fully convinced that the scheme of redemption proclaimed by the Gospel was Divine, that they boldly asserted that these things infinitely surpassed the wisdom and comprehension of man. God was now in a certain way become manifest; many attributes of his, which to the heathen world would have for ever lain in obscurity, (for the world by wisdom knew not God,) were now not only brought to light as existing in him, but illustrated by the gracious displays which He had made of himself. It was the Spirit of God alone that could reveal these things…”
So are you a surface dweller, having a casual acquaintance with the Lord but never venturing into the depths of His love? Hopefully you are tired of the superficial and you find yourself longing for the depths. After all, that’s the place you were born to live in and the place you have searched for all of your life.

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