Ps.23:5 – You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.

The Shepherds Psalm speaks of the tenderness that is given to all of the Lord’s followers, we are the sheep of His pasture. He is our Good Shepherd. This is the revelation David had of the Lord, we see it throughout His life of worship. Today’s verse speaks of the overflowing cup of His anointing that flows from this life of intimacy. John Trappe speaks of the redundancy, or the repetitive nature of the outpouring of His grace on our lives.

“My cup runneth over.” He had not only a fulness of abundance, but of redundance. Those that have this happiness must carry their cup upright, and see that it overflows into their poor brethren’s emptier vessels.”

Trappe also says that this anointing is not just for us, we are to pour it out into our needy brothers and sisters all around us. Actually Trappe says it just overflows into ministry. William Secker compares this cup to liquor. It numbs us to the hostility and pain of the world and makes us sensitive to our Shepherd’s voice. This spiritual liquor is the very substance of our ministry to the hurting. Here is how Secker says it.

“My cup runneth over.” Wherefore doth the Lord make your cup run over, but that other men’s lips might taste the liquor? The showers that fall upon the highest mountains, should glide into the lowest valleys.“Give, and it shall be given you,” is a maxim little believed. Luke 6:38.

The inebriating nature of the new wine of the Spirit has been seen in every generation. Augustine said it was the cup that the martyrs drank from. Apparently the intoxicating nature of the overflowing cup empowered believers to face and endure persecution in all ages. Here are Augustine’s words.

“My cup runneth over.” Or as it is in the Vulgate: And my inebriating chalice, how excellent it is! With this cup were the martyrs inebriated, when, going forth to their passion, they recognized not those that belonged to them; not their weeping wife, not their children, not their relations; while they gave thanks and said, “I will take the cup of salvation!”

We have no idea what tomorrow holds or who the Lord will put in our path for ministry. How can I be ready for whatever? I will lift up the cup of David to the Good Shepherd until it overflows.

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