Jn.7:46 – The officers answered, “Never has a man spoken the way this man speaks.”

The temple guards were not able to carry out their duties, they were stopped literally in their tracks by His words. Their reply to their superiors, “No man ever spake like this Man”. Just think about what had just happened, Jesus stood up in the middle of the service at the Feast of Tabernacles and basically made a claim to deity. He was either a liar, a fool, or the Son of God. The temple guards were not able to stop Him or arrest Him, they were taken with His words. When was the last time you were stopped in your tracks by the Word of God. Even today, Jesus is still speaking and still no one speaks like Him. Here is a comment from the ESV Study Bible that describes the source of the power of His words.

“No one ever spoke like this man is more profoundly true than these officers could have realized, for no other man in history has been fully God as well and thus able to speak with the infinite knowledge and authority of God himself.”

The people were looking for signs and wonders but Jesus Himself was all the sign and wonder anyone needed. Here is how Albert Barnes describes this verse.

“They were so impressed and awed with what he said that they dared not take him. There have been few instances of eloquence like this. His speaking had so much evidence of truth, so much proof that he was from God, and was so impressive and persuasive, that they were convinced of his innocence, and they dared not touch him to execute their commission. We have here, a remarkable testimony to the commanding eloquence of Jesus…..No prophet, apostle, or minister has ever spoken the truth with as much power, grace, and beauty as Jesus. It should be ours, therefore, to listen to his words, and to sit at his feet and learn heavenly wisdom.”

Today, Jesus is still speaking and His words still carry the same power and life that they always have. He speaks today through the written word to everyone who has ears to hear. Take some time to read your Bible today; you too will discover the One Who speaks like no other man; you also may be stopped ti your tracks.


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