Jn.3:7,8 Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.


As usual Jesus goes right to the heart of the matter. Man’s problem lies at the very foundation of who he is. Without something radically happening to us we have no way to change who we are. That’s what the issue is, not what we do but who we are. Have you been born again? What does that question mean to you? It is more than ‘repeat this prayer after me’ or ‘you need to come to our church’; it is way more than any of that. Our nature is flawed and without an infusion of life from God we stay dead in our sins, unable to improve or reform our lives. It is the breath of God coming into our very nature than produces what Jesus called being born again. Here is Spurgeon on today’s verse.



“Regeneration is a subject which lies at the very basis of salvation, and we should be very diligent to take heed that we really are born again, for there are many who fancy they are, who are not….Nevertheless, it is a change which is known and felt: known by works of holiness, and felt by a gracious experience. This great work is supernatural. It is not an operation which a man performs for himself: a new principle is infused, which works in the heart, renews the soul, and affects the entire man. It is not a change of my name, but a renewal of my nature, so that I am not the man I used to be, but a new man in Christ Jesus. To wash and dress a corpse is a far different thing from making it alive: man can do the one, God alone can do the other.”

How do you know when that happens? The best way for me to see it in my life was to see the change in the things I loved. Rather than loving weed and alcohol there was a desire to read my Bible and go to church. You can’t fake the desire or will thing, that only comes by a true change of heart.

5 Replies to “CHANGE OF HEART”

    1. It did me good when my brother, dad and myself had lunch and without any prompting dad leaned over to my brother and said that I was not the same guy he remembered. We then gave dad the scriptural reference to being a new creation. Also dated my rebirth to complicate the argument that it is momentary change to only return to my old self. People have been waiting for twelve (12) years for me to slip back to the person of old ! \o/

  1. dear pastor…iam a senior high school teacher and my mind is so busy with academics things…I am mentally tired of the knowledge of the world..thank GOD he gave me an opportunity to go to a COP Manila..hearing your sermon in live setting made me to feel that GOD is faithful to his people…he take care of us…..thank you for all the knowledge i receive from you by internet…iam not a techie person but whenever i open my email, i am happy you are one of those who inspired and motivate me to go on with life in this busy academe world of mine….some times i feel why not teach the word of GOD…God changed me a lot and he is still changing me….because one day he will use me…waiting for that project….again thank you pastor….God bless you more….

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