My expectation is from him —Psalm 62:5


Are you expecting? I mean are you expecting something from the Lord? For the expectant mother, she is beyond hoping she is going to have a baby, she is pregnant and a baby is coming for sure. The only question for her is the timing, when will that baby be born? We can learn a great lesson from the expectant mom, we too are not hoping for a fulfillment of our promise, there is a certainty that it is on the way. What is the difference of believing for something and being expectant? The difference is enormous. Many of us are praying or hoping for certain things to come to pass in our lives but that is not expectancy. Expectancy happens when the answer is actually conceived in us by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. When that happens, the promise is certain, timing is the only question. Here is how A.B. Simpson describes this verse.

“When we believe for a blessing, we must take the attitude of faith and begin to act and pray as if we already had it. We must treat God as if He had given us our request. We must lean our weight upon Him for the thing that we have claimed and just take it for granted that He gives it and is going to continue to give it. This is the attitude of trust.

When a young woman is married, she at once falls into a new attitude and acts in accordance with the fact. So it is when we take Christ as our Savior, our Sanctifier, our Healer and our coming Lord. He expects us to fall into the attitude of recognizing Him in the very capacity that we have claimed. Therefore, expect Him to be to you all that you have trusted Him for.”

When you were first born again you were introduced to this world of faith. Suddenly you realized you were saved by the blood of Jesus. You don’t hope you are a Christian, faith assures you that you are His child. All of God’s promises are like that, suddenly the light turns on and we move from hoping to knowing. Are you expecting? What kind of promise has been germinated in you? Stay in His word and abide in His presence, His promises are certain and your answer is on the way.

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