The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.

SOS 1:1,2 – May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.

It’s funny what church people fight about.Our first church fight started when I put shells on our empty lot next to the church to make room for more parking. People actually left the church over that. Since then, people have fought about too loud music, too long services, preaching about God too much (that’s a true story). I guess many of us try to create church in our own image. The only solution for any of that is a move of the Spirit. That brings us to the funniest of all church offenses, this one was about kisses. When our church began to experience a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the 1990’s, our music, as well as most everything else, began to change. One of the songs we began to sing in those days was ‘True Love’ by David Ruis. In the song he sang about the kisses of the Lord. That was it for some folks. The audacity of singing about kisses, especially from the Lord in church. I decided then that I couldn’t worry about pleasing people, I just wanted to be pleasing to the Lord. Here are the words to David Ruis’s song, hopefully you won’t get your knickers in a twist.

‘Jesus I need to know true love

Deeper than the love found on earth

Take me into the King’s chamber

Cause my love to mature

▪ Let me know the kisses of Your mouth

▪ Let me feel Your warm embrace

▪ Let me smell the fragrance of Your touch

▪ Let me see Your lovely face

▪ Take me away with You

▪ Even so, Lord, come

▪ I love You Lord

▪ I love You more than life

My heart, my flesh yearn for You, Lord

To love You is all I can do

You have become my sole passion

Cause my love to be true’

At the end of the day we are all looking for love, we just want this love to be authentic. True love is what Solomon’s Song is all about, he sang about kisses, embracing in affection, and the beauty of His name. I believe the world has always longed for love, especially the love of God found in Jesus Christ. Authentic Christian worship moves us deeply, it effects the deepest springs of our affections. So don’t be afraid to express your deepest feelings and words on the Lord. People are always going to be offended by spiritual intimacy. So go ahead and read Song of Solomon again, set aside some time for intimate worship, let Him kiss you with the kisses of His mouth.


  1. They couldn’t of handled the Pentecostal Church ⛪ I came up in ; Victoryfellowship Is mild in comparison… So just imagine the Kiss….

  2. The Song of Solomon is God’s love letter to us intimately which I never understood until I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when we go into his presence intimately there is no place like it that’s why worship service may start in the outer courts but it should worship itself should always end up in the holy of holies where we’re not singing about him but singing to him that is true worship that’s what I love about our church the intimacy with God I can remember the days when we walked in and we were right in worship we weren’t in the outer court and then going to the holy of holies we were so full of his presents each one of us that we just flew into his presence as it were in worship and we never left that place to come back out into the outer Court as described in the Old Testament few churches understand the intimacy of worship and I am so thankful to God that we do thank you Pastor for doing your blogs daily they truly enriched my life

  3. A few years ago I brought a friend to church. He had lost his wife 4 months prior to pancreatic cancer. I was going up for altar call and asked if he would join me, so he did. I hit the carpet and he remained standing. We returned to our seats and I asked him what did he think of it. He told me he received a kiss on his forehead, a real kiss!

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