Psa.27:4 – One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD And to meditate in His temple.

There are many deflections that keep people from enjoying the power and purity of worship. You ever wonder why many folks show up after the “singing” part of the service in time for the preaching? Maybe that would stem from not having a revelation or appreciation of what worship is. It is not just a take it or leave it preliminary to the main event. Worship is the main event. Think about what heaven would be like without worship; unthinkable. Another misconception is that worship is some kind of a key to bring God’s blessings into our lives. Worship is not a key to anything. Worship is simply our response to greatness. We can know a lot about ourselves by our attitude about worship. Here is how John Piper describes worship.

“Now what does this imply about the feast of worship? Surprisingly, it implies that worship is an end in itself. We do not eat the feast of worship as a means to anything else. Happiness in God is the end of all our seeking. Nothing beyond it can be sought as a higher goal. John Calvin put it like this: “If God contains the fullness of all good things in himself like an inexhaustible fountain, nothing beyond him is to be sought by those who strike after the highest good and all the elements of happiness. “If what transforms outward ritual into authentic worship is the quickening of the heart’s affections, then true worship cannot be performed as a means to some other experience. Feelings are not like that. Genuine feelings of the heart cannot be manufactured as stepping stones to something else.”

There used to be a television preacher that would say that the singing and the choir were not for him, he didn’t need preliminaries. He was ready. That is the problem in many churches, worship is an afterthought. That’s one of the first things that change when the Lord walks into the room. He becomes everything and our only response can be to worship His greatness. So I agree with Piper, worship is not a means to anything else, worship is an end in itself. Worship is the act of enjoying God.

2 Replies to “PURE ENJOYMENT”

  1. Truly worship is the pouring of two wines in one glass; our Love going up and His coming down- it is there we meet in Love’s own embrace and are forever changed!

  2. Most times during worship I have my eyes closed, I find it easier to block out the distractions and “go deeper” But I will admit, if we have a guest speaker, I’m checking out how they enter into worship. Yes, I am being judge mental, but I think a persons worship is a window into who or what is on the throne of their life.

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