Zech.4:7 – “Who are you, O great mountain?

Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain!

And he shall bring forth the capstone

With shouts of “Grace, grace to it!”

Adversity is part of life, all of us have our portion. The important thing is, how do you deal with adversity? Today’s verse has been a great encouragement to me in adversity throughout my life. In it I have found two powerful truths that have strengthened me time and time again. The first is in the last part of the verse, His enabling grace is more than sufficient in all that I face. Grace was the word the Lord gave to Paul when he seemed to have had enough of the barrage that keep coming against him. “My grace is sufficient”, the Lord said. The grace of God satisfies us, sustains us, and in this grace we find favor that is bigger than anything that comes against us. Here is how Dick Mills describes this grace found in today’s word.

“Grace – Favor, grace, graciousness, kindness, beauty, pleasantness, charm, attractiveness, loveliness, affectionate regard. The root chanan means “to act graciously or mercifully toward someone; to be compassionate, to be favorably inclined.” God’s grace poured out upon Jerusalem enables them to look longingly and beseechingly toward their pierced King. God’s grace will result in Israel’s seeing Jesus as someone of infinite beauty. His goodness enables them to repent. The Holy Spirit is called “the Spirit of grace” in Heb. 10:29, a title no doubt inspired by this reference in Zech.”

His grace is sufficient for me. The second lesson I see in this verse is to always look to the Sovereignty of our Lord. He gives Zerubbabel a powerful promise here. He says He will bring forth the capstone, the finishing stone of the temple. The Lord is telling Zerubbabel that He will complete what He has started. Here is how Adam Clarke sees it.

“The hinderances which were thrown in the way; the regal prohibition to discontinue the building of the temple. The sovereign power of God shall remove them. March on, Zerubbabel; all shall be made plain and smooth before thee. I have given thee the work to do, and I will remove all hinderances out of thy way. He shall bring forth the headstone. As he has laid the foundation stone, so shall he put on the headstone: as he has begun the building, so shall he finish it! With shoutings The universal acclamation of the people. Grace, grace unto it. How beautiful is this structure! May the favor of God ever rest upon it, and be manifested in it!”

I love this, the Lord will finish the work. What He started in me is certain to come to a glorious conclusion.

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