Rev.7:16 – They will hunger no longer, nor thirst anymore; nor will the sun beat down on them, nor any heat;

This verse comes from one of the most thrilling scenes in all the Bible. John has just witnessed the opening of the seals of God’s mighty scroll and the beginning of God’s judgement being poured out on the earth. Out of the midst of the Great Tribulation comes a palm waving, innumerable multitude. The joy is far beyond anything John had ever witnessed in his days. These worshippers were the vast multitude of God’s final harvest before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. One minute these folks were facing hostility and darkness, the next moment they are standing in unspeakable joy, dressed in white, washed in the blood, celebrating before the throne of God. Here is how J.A. Seiss describes this scene.

“O the blessedness, the peace, the comfort, the everlasting satisfaction, which is the portion of these Palm-bearers! Our souls thrill with the mere contemplation of it! What must it then be to possess it—to feel it to be our own—to enjoy it without let or hindrance forever….We feel ourselves overshadowed with the cloud of brightness. We cannot open even our drowsy eyes to the scene, but our lips mutter: “Lord, it is good for us to be here.” Fain would we set up our tabernacles where we might ever contemplate the blaze of living glory. Here we would sit forever viewing bliss so great, so true, so high. This glorious Lamb! This glorious throne! These glorious ones with their glorious crowns! This effulgence of gracious Godhead! These sinless splendors! These “eternal consolations! These holy services! These smiles of favor beaming from the King! These never-withering palms! These ever-shining robes! These ever-thrilling songs! These ever-flowing springs of never-failing life! These joy-speaking eyes which never weep, and singing lips which never thirst, and uplifted hands which never tire, and comforts from God as a mother would comfort the child she loves, and sorrow and sighing forever fled away! O blessed, blessed, blessed contemplation!”

Jesus has just wiped away their final tears and led them to the fountain of living waters! They can hardly believe what had just happened to them. They had come out of a world of suffering, sorrow, and anger; now they were swallowed up in unspeakable love flowing from Jesus Himself. We can see the signs of these days on the horizon of our world, I think its time to look up, our redemption is coming near.

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  1. The way JA Seiss wrote his interpretation, using words like fain, mutter and effulgence, I would have ”glossed over” much of those paragraphs. Now, however, with a seemingly unquenchable pursuit of all things Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I took the time to absorb, in my capacity, what he was saying. We truly need, and can be helped along by ”all parts of His body” Thanks for the deposit.

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