Song 1:2,3 ¶ Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!

For your love is better than wine; your anointing oils are fragrant;

your name is oil poured out; therefore virgins love you.

Do you remember swearing and using the Name of Jesus as profanity? It is really disturbing today to hear His precious name used in such a filthy manner. A person’s name is connected to a person’s reputation and their very character. The character and nature of Christ is perfect and His Name reflects the beauty of His person. Solomon said in his famous song that His Name is like oil poured forth. This oil is fragrant and attractive, the mention of His Name fills our senses with the smell of His nature. He is beautiful beyond description, just mentioning His Name can actually bring us into His presence. That’s why worshipping the Name of Jesus is so powerful. As we begin to worship, all He is begins to manifest, the glory of the Lord inhabits those praises. This is the very incense of New Testament worship. In the Old Testament, incense was burned as a type of what was to come. Today, the Name of Jesus is fragrant oil poured out in His house. Here are some comments from Jonathan Edwards on today’s passage.

“The name of Christ is compared to ointment poured forth because then it is under the greatest advantage to send forth its odors. The name of Christ filled the soul of the spouse with delight as the holy anointing oil, when poured forth, filled the sanctuary with its fragrancy.”

When Mary anointed Jesus with the costly spikenard just days before His crucifixion, John said the whole house was filled with the fragrance of the oil. Mary’s worship was a picture of the extravagant New Testament worship that was about to burst on the scene not many days later. Jesus followers were praying in Jerusalem shortly after the Lord’s death when the love of God, the precious Holy Spirit, filled the house. The Spirit was not only on them, He was in them. They found themselves consumed with His love, worshipping His Name. His Name literally became oil poured out in that upper room. It is likely that the place called the upper room, where the Spirit was poured out, was the same room that Mary had anointed Jesus with the fragrant oil. Oil that potent probably left a fragrance that was still hanging in the air that day. His Name is still like oil poured out. Worship Him, magnify His Name, you too will find yourself caught up in the heavenly fragrance.

5 Replies to “HIS NAME IS LIKE OIL”

  1. Extravagant worship, that is kind of a convicting statement. God forgive me, have I really lived only giving back 10% (only what’s required) of not just the income you brought to my account, or my time, after pulling me up out of all the ditches I have fallen into. Oh God have I nickle and dimed you with my acknowledgement and appreciation? Mary, showed us the way to love Him correctly, our worship starts at extravagant!

    Beautiful blog Pastor Frank you are the most anointed Pastor I have ever heard! I am one of your sheep and I hear the voice of Jesus in YOUR TEACHINGS! GOD BLESS!

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