Lk.11:2 – And he said to them, “When you pray, say:

“Father, hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come.”

How beautiful is the name of our Lord, his lovely Name is connected to His glory. At the mention of His Name our hearts are stirred. The heavens and the earth bow in worship and response to His Name, how much more the sons and daughters of God. Jesus Himself taught us to begin our prayers worshipping the Name of the Lord. It is in worship that the atmosphere itself begins to change. I was recently teaching the book of Revelation and became aware of the stark difference between the scenes in heaven and the drama on earth during the last days. In heaven, every creature was awestruck, worshipping the Name of the Lord. On earth; anger, profanity, and confusion. For the believer, worship is our very life. Here is an amazing quote from Francois Lambert, an early French reformer.

“The Name of God Is Holy and Unique, Deserving of Hallowing. This is the name that we explained extensively in chapter one above: “And you will call his name Jesus.” This name is sanctified by everything, and we should always pray before it. That thing is holy which is not common and ordinary but rather singular and chosen out of all things, which we also taught in the first chapter above. Therefore it is prayed here that the name of God might be hallowed by everyone together; that is, that it might be recognized by everyone everywhere that it is most just and perfect, and that by virtue of such it might be held and announced. Its excellence is so lofty, superior and more than wonderful that nothing may be united to it. Therefore his name is holy because it is singularly glorious and the highest of all things whatsoever, having nothing in common with what is created and corruptible.”

So today, we join with the cherubim. the angels, and the redeemed from every tribe and every generation in worshipping the Name of the Lord. It is the beginning of prayer and the beginning of life, from the place of worship His glory begins to fall and true prayer begins. From here, our faith soars and all things are possible. Start your day today following the instruction of the Lord, honor the Beautiful Name and you will find yourself infused with His life.

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  1. Yes we should remember every morning His beautiful Name, oh yes thank you Jesus Christ, God continue richly blessing Victory Fellowship churc.

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